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Mount Everest

oh, this is shamelessly beautiful
one cannot help to marvel at you –

tower-ing above every thing,
initially overseeing, only the small little birds
and you watch them grow up, into older ones… 92 more words


Minecraft and boobs.

Minecraft is a multiplayer sandbox video game based in a virtual world, which is modelled on the real world. Players are able to build and craft everyday items using blocks. 733 more words

Virtual Reality

Opinion: Poverty and Geography. The Myth of Racial Segregation

Full text By Jim Russell • Published originally in Pacific Standard. Photo: Stefano Garau/Shutterstock.

Migration, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality (not to mention class), can be a poverty-buster. 542 more words

Interesting Posts

Introduction: Virtual Special Issue on Russian Geopolitics

Elsevier has placed a number of its political geography articles on Open Access, in a Virtual Special Issue on Russian Geopolitics. Most, but not all, are from… 820 more words

World Political Map

'Incidental' Geography - The Flag Counter Widget and Authentic Global Connections

Reading… Writing… Speaking… Number… Chance and data… Geometry… Music… Gardening… Physical education… Art… and then we’re expected to expose our learners to Geography?

With such restrictions on time, and pressure from those higher powers to ensure we are giving our learners the appropriate skills in literacy and numeracy, it is becoming increasingly difficult as educators to ensure that we can provide them with enough insight into the (physical) world around us. 697 more words

We Are Many

An excerpt from the translation of the poem…

While I am writing, I am far away;
and when I come back, I have already left. 73 more words