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Google My Maps: Life just got way more fun for us geography nerds

Long time readers of History Tech already know how much I love maps. They how much I love Google goodies. So they also know that Google Earth and Google Maps just might be the sweetest tools of all time. 502 more words



I’m not good at geography
but I’ve become very familiar
with the landscape that
is your body.
I’m not good at counting
numbers but adding you… 42 more words


就算地理不好 聽了就變專家[Tour The World]!


地理再不好 聽了就變專家了!

由美國饒舌歌手[Renald Francoeur]寫出一首讓大家更了解地球的歌

配合可愛的手畫風格圖解 真的很難不懂

200多個國家 你認識多少呢

世界上公有224個國家和地區 其中國家為193個 地區為31個

有的名字 我聽也沒聽過 看見了也不會唸

要是想環遊世界 就先了解這世界有多大吧!


裡頭說明了很多國家文化 名勝 還有小故事 酷斃了!

要是這個地球有在賣 我肯定要打包回家

“Tour the World” is track #1 from Brain Beats 2… 1,260 more words

S O M E T H I N G [享]

"Europe" = West Asia?

“Geographically, Europe is a tail to the Asiatic kite.” [1]

The word “Europe” derives from the roots ”eur-” + “op-” meaning “broad-faced”.

Why do people call the western portion of Asia “Europe”? 506 more words