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Weather and Climate - The Rainfall Spinner

One of my favourite topics has to be Weather and Climate. I find it fascinating and really want the pupils to see how much there is to discover about our weather and climate. 404 more words


Pastcards from Iceland

The best postcards I could find in Iceland (and the only souvenir I could afford to buy). Maps from history about the geology and geography of the island, “pastcards” as I call them. 8 more words


Revising Meanders and Ox Bow lakes

Here is a revision video guide on meanders and ox bow lakes. Covers how they are formed, what their main features are and how to answer an exam question on either of these river landforms


What’s Wrong with Geography?

Statistics – aren’t they wonderful? The title of this piece was premised on my reading recently that geography students are among those who have the greatest difficulty finding work after graduation. 1,041 more words


Mountain ranges of the world

As a geography lesson for myself, here is a list of major mountain ranges of the world, where those that are either long or have a significantly high peak are shown (hence several near Tibet are given). 349 more words


how I know

so I’m on an excuse to walk around the other day, admittedly availing myself of a few clouds which certainly softened the footfalls, because of the recent happening wherein I had the honor of being in a magazine based in and for Bucharest, my incredible wife adding the killer topping in the translation of my English into Romanian. 428 more words



Do you know the difference between a lake and an island? What is an archipelago?

Here are some resources for land  and water research:

1. Here are some project ideas: 68 more words

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