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The origin of life: Labyrinths as crucibles of life

Water-filled micropores in hot rock may have acted as the nurseries in which life on Earth began. A team has now shown that temperature gradients in pore systems promote the cyclical replication and emergence of nucleic acids. 679 more words


Missing link in metal physics explains Earth's magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic field shields the life on our planet’s surface from cosmic rays. It is generated by turbulent motions of liquid iron in Earth’s core. Iron is a metal, which means it can easily conduct a flow of electrons. 470 more words


The World of the Windkeeper: Earth Magic

The magic of The Nordean Continent (refer to the maps) is elemental. Gealgath, the kingdom in the west, is the kingdom of earth magic. Each type of magic is ruled by certain guidelines and procedures. 930 more words


Geology and Climate Change - Should We Have Entered a New Ice Age?

I was reading someone saying that they believe we areĀ supposed to be moving into a new ice age, but that the Industrial Revolution and man made global warming has halted this progress. 2,517 more words