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My Festival Reading Process

A question came up at the Chicago Geomantic study session: if you were at a renfaire or other public festival and doing readings, how would you read in that context? 316 more words


The Powers of the Earth

It’s a strange time, isn’t it? The last few days it feels like the strains on this modern world have given way to full-blown cracks and that we have begun to tilt toward inexorably into a future we are ill-prepared to face. 576 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

[NB] Philip K. Dick and Gbadu

Let’s make the needle really dance over this record. I’ve been doing some jumping around in time and space, and here I want to close the gap, bring us even closer to the present, but zig-zag a stitch between two superficially disparate blocks of recent time. 834 more words


Protect and Heal the planet Earth

Protect and Heal the planet Earth

Today, it is undeniable to notice that the planet Earth is going through major physical change, but also on a etheric level. 575 more words


An Interview on Runes, Divination, and Magick

Willow practices nature magick (the Leiva’s system) and Buddhism. He specializes symbolism, runes, geomancy and sigils and is educated in Celtic, mythic, and fey lore. 513 more words

The Witch Questions

When I am talking about witchiness as a conceptual field, what sort of questions and concerns do I take as defining that field?

First and foremost, it is a question of what potencies constitute your spiritual becoming. 641 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

New Divination Reading Offers Available!

My little side-business in selling my crafts and ebooks has gotten off to a modest start since opening up my Etsy shop earlier this year, which is awesome.  672 more words