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Search Term Shoot Back, August 2014

I get a lot of hits on my blog from across the realm of the Internet, many of which are from links on Facebook, Twitter, or RSS readers.   2,416 more words


Geomantic Meditative Music

It’s rare I do anything but share words and the occasional graph on this blog, so let’s try something different.  I was on the train not too long ago and going through my music library trying to find something to listen to, when I had the idea that “hey, I like this song, it’s not a bad example for this one geomantic figure”.  331 more words


A Brief Astronomical Interlude

So what do all of these things mean when compared to the astronomical reality of the sky?

The Ascendant is defined as the zodiac sign where the ecliptic (the narrow zone of stars that the orbits of the planets are found in) crosses the eastern horizon. 583 more words


Geomantic Revelations of the Tetractys

The last post on the arithmetic subtleties of the Tetractys got me to thinking.  If I have four rows of things I can select or not select for a collection, I end up with so many results.   2,113 more words


Basic tenets of my geomantic process

Clearly ripped in this format from James Wells, yet much of the basis of it comes from us sharing the same sources. Like James’ list, this is a set of presuppositions that is subject to refinement and further clarification… 493 more words

Transformative Technologies

Jyotish/Vedic Aspects for Geomancy

Crossing the streams? Youbetcha…

In Jyotish/Vedic Astrology, every planet creates an Aspect, even if only to the House cusp. However, Aspect isn’t necessarily the best translation of the idea – “faces,” “considers,” “incorporates” might be better ways of looking at this idea. 442 more words