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Always, Sometimes, Never

I debated some Always, Sometimes, Never statements with my Geometry kids today. In groups, they had to choose the word that they thought went in the blank, as well as draw a picture to explain their choice. 423 more words


Locating a Warehouse

We changed the Learning Mode to individual. Where would you place a warehouse that needed to be equidistant from all three roads? (From Illustrative Mathematics… 489 more words


High and Lows (Mostly Highs!) of the First Two Weeks

I survived my first two weeks as a high school math teacher! So many things have been running through my mind, but right now I’m going to make a list of things that are going well and things that need improvement. 552 more words



A number that needs no introduction, π is an MVP when it comes to Maths. Many people have one on their shirts, even I’m thinking about getting a tattoo with it. 364 more words


Types of numbers, part III

Hey guys! This is the last post about numbers, I promise! In this last one we’ll talk about some numbers that have geometrical tendencies. They are pretty spectacular! 215 more words


Geometry - polygons

Q: A hexagon has interior angles measuring (in degrees) 137, 100, 150, 114, 90, and x. What is the value of x?


 Answer: 129

Explanation: 58 more words

ACT Math

Geometry - volume

Q: If 20 solid gumballs with diameter 1 inch are placed inside a hollow sphere of diameter 6 inches, how much empty space is there in the larger sphere?



ACT Math