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Volumes of Compound Objects

We used the Mathematics Assessment Project formative assessment lesson on Calculating Volumes of Compound Objects. MAP also has a Glasses task that includes student work. 419 more words


Cyclic Quadrilaterals

A quadrilateral whose vertices all lie on the same circle is called a cyclic quadrilateral. One of the most important techniques in solving geometry problems is by looking for cyclic quadrilaterals.

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Cyclic Quads

The Pizza Theorem

(A screenshot from this video about the pizza theorem.)
Let’s have an internet show of hands, who likes pizza? Or, rather, who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza is a favorite among many, and so it’s kind of unsurprising (in hindsight) how there exists a whole theorem about it. 436 more words


Hot Coffee

CCSS say the following about what students should be able to do concerning the volume of a cylinder.

8.G.C.9. Know the formulas for the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems. 1,523 more words


A rotation equals two reflections

In the picture below, the red line and the blue line are the reflection lines.

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  • The A’B’C’ triangle is a reflection of the ABC triangle in the red line.
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Reflecting on the Cambridge O'level syllabus

Today I found myself looking at my download folder and saw a transformation board game document I downloaded last fall.  So I searched to see if I could find more on-line.  360 more words


Symmetry for Big Kids: The Dihedral Group

Continuing my studies in group theory, I decided to divulge here one of my *favorite* simple groups, the dihedral group. This group intrigues me simply because… 510 more words