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Carrying a Figure onto Itself

CCSS-M-G-CO.3: Given a rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, or regular polygon, describe the rotations and reflections that carry it onto itself.

By the end of our course, we want students to be able to say, “I can map a figure onto itself using transformations”. 593 more words


Rigid Motions: Translations

What do you need for a translation?

An object

How far right/left, how far up/down

In our high school geometry class we can use a directed segment or vector to indicate how far right/left and how far up/down. 299 more words


Rigid Motions - Which Reflection?

We added to our introductory lesson on Rigid Motions this year. Sometime last year, I read Which Reflection is Best by Andrew Shauver.

I wondered what students would say without measuring and before studying reflections in depth. 235 more words


What's My Rule

Instead of having a whole lesson of What’s My Rule explorations, we are adding one exploration to each bellringer during our unit on Rigid Motions. From yesterday: 719 more words


Two Wheels and a Belt

What do you do on the last day of class?

I needed to spend some time talking with students about their grades. So they worked on… 438 more words


Cyclic quadrilaterals

For any three points in the plane (that do not lie on a line), we can find a circle that passes through all three of them. 1,333 more words

Cyclic Quads