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Thomas Hobbes and Doing of Important Mathematics

One of my mathematics-trivia-of-the-day Twitter feeds mentioned that Saturday was the birthday of Thomas Hobbes (5 April 1588 to 4 December 1679), and yes, that Hobbes. 822 more words


Geometric Transformations

A geometric transformation describes how an image is changed into another image. Figure 1 shows some examples of geometric transformation. The figure, and subsequent descriptions, are recreated from [1]. 164 more words


One Formula, to Rule them All

Two-dimensional area starts and ends in pretty much the same place, with base and height.  Kids in elementary school calculate space by counting grids.  Calculus classrooms do the same thing (on a more complex level of course), but through the short cut of integration.   117 more words

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All inner product spaces of the same dimension are isometric

The standard dot product in Euclidean space is defined as:

We can generalise this notion to an arbitrary vector space.

Definition: An inner product on a vector space  over a field is a function… 178 more words


Sum it Up, Angle Edition: Part 1

Somewhere, I don’t know where for sure, a student learned that one common way to measure a full rotation is 360o.  I would even say this generation is more aware of this concept with the popularity of sports that involve rotation(s).   421 more words

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Top 5 Things I Love About Pascal's Triangle

This week, my 9th grade Prob/Stat class has been working through the Binomial Theorem. With many rich patterns and connections to explore, the unit begins with the… 501 more words


Geometry Probability

Find a and b so that the probability that a randomly thrown dart hitting Target I will be equal for both the circle and the washer (ring) surrounding it. 35 more words