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4.3 Homework

4.3 Worksheet – Proving Triangle Congruence with SSS and SAS

DUE Tuesday October 21


Parallelogram Universe

In the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.


Sacred Geometry

When it comes to sacred geometry, I never quite got the meaning of it until I realised that this concept of geometry as an energy can be best explained by liking it to water. 418 more words


Attacks and Counterattacks in Geometry

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. It isn’t because I have nothing to post about! I’ve just been sooooo busy. This is the first year I’m teaching Geometry, and I’m working with the other teacher to turn it on it’s head. 851 more words

Weights, Crazy Geometry Game, and Pumpkin Polyhedra

Welcome to this week’s Math Munch!

Here’s a puzzle for you: You have 12 weights, 11 of which weigh the same amount and 1 of which is different. 307 more words

Math Munch

What's on the Math Sections of the GRE

I’ve already written a bit about how to study for the math section of the GRE in Step 2 of my  five step method for studying for the GRE, but I didn’t give you a whole lot of information on what exactly is covered. 1,587 more words