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Dodi, Cozo and Trocto – geometry and natural wonder



Collaging and Feelings

Again, still working on my digital art skills. Disclaimer though: none of the images I used for this one is mine. I couldn’t find the real people who made these pictures though. 11 more words


GEOMETRY - 8.2 Homework

8.2 Worksheet – Problem Solving with Proportions

DUE Wednesday January 27


Some fun geometry and a challenging number theory topic

Some days teaching the boys seem to go super well – could be some interesting ideas from them, or just general enthusiasm, but days like this make me really happy that I have the opportunity to teach them math. 308 more words

A Super-Fun Geometry Challenge

So, I was plinking about the inkerwebz today (and pondering what math-y thing to share with you) when I stumbled into this:

A super-fun little geometry problem! 143 more words


Day 91: Polygons

Geometry started talking about polygons today.

I broke the class into groups and had them sort these polygons from least to greatest number of sides: 135 more words