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Rotation Problems

Problem 1:

A triangle has the following points (8, 0), (2, 6) and (8,10). If the triangle is rotated about the origin by 900, what are the coordinates of the triangle after the rotation? 139 more words


Geometric Shapes

It is a good time to probe a new quiz topic with the Geometric Shapes app.

The English description of the game is the following: 111 more words


William Tutte's Hidden Past

If William Tutte is remembered at all by architects, it is for his contribution to solving the problem of Squaring the Square . (Tutte 1958) A solution… 778 more words


Yet more problems for Iovandrake

As we saw in the last post, there was a marked difference between the areas of our flat circles and our hemispheres.
Indeed, there were greater differences between the flat worlds and the spherical one. 651 more words


Today, I was back at it, feeding into my love of art. After class I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires, and it was amazing. 54 more words

Love using Ancient Greek Geometry for construction problems http://sciencevsmagic.net/geo/. So easy and intuitive to get started I shall be trying this with yr 7 next term. 36 more words


Astro-Gemometry Elegance

A part of appreciating the elegance of Astrology is beholding the beautiful geometry it creates. Just as with an eclipse, observing it is half the magic! 103 more words