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Roaming around the +15 is awesome because you see different designs in each building and the carpets are always changing. Location.

A Follow Up (regarding Centers of Rotation)

It’s 10:44pm on a Saturday evening, and I have been thinking about math. Whoooo hooooo! I finally got a chance to ponder how I’m going to attack… 388 more words

Russia 1998 #14

A circle S centered at O meets another circle S’ at A and B. Let C be a point on the arc of S’ contained in S. 

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The last performance - non mathematical in the formal sense.

In three hours from now (5.00pm PR time) takes place the last performance of Nana Badrena’s Ballet “DRACULA”, at the Teatro Yaguez in Mayaguez Puerto Rico. 101 more words


Why We Use Pictures in Geometry

Geometric pictures help us describe general relationships that words convey. Often, I tell my students you “can’t trust the diagram” unless the relationship between sides or angles is explicitly marked, as in the not-so-right angle shown above. 314 more words


Cuboids, Rectangular Prisms and Cubes

A cuboid is a box-shaped object.

It has six flat sides and all angles are right angles.

And all of its faces are rectangles.

It is also a prism because it has the same cross-section along a length. 259 more words



Cube (Hexahedron) Facts

Notice these interesting things:
  • It has 6 Faces
  • Each face has 4 edges (and is a square)
  • It has 12 Edges
  • It has 8 Vertices (corner points)
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