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Geometry Homework 7/23

Mr. Ochoa 

  • 13.4 packet (all, not 14/15 challenge)

Mr. Manso

  • pg. 746 (#13-18, 35-370
  • pg. 763 (#20-22, 27-29 *b*)
  • complete WB to section 29

Geometric Inequality with sum of angle-bisectors extended to circumcircle

To Display the LaTeX follow this link

Problem: Here, $\Delta ABC$ is a triangle, circumscribed by the circle of radius $R$, and with inradius $r$. If $AM_1,BM_2$ and $CM_3$ are the three angle bisectors extended to the circumcircle to the points $M_1,M_2$ and $M_3$. 919 more words

Can you explain the LabScan XE 0:45 inverted geometry?

FAQ: “Straight from the LSXE Pro-forma, the LabScan XE sample ports are described as:

Port Insert, 3-mm illuminated area; 5-mm measured area
Port Insert, 6-mm illuminated area; 10-mm measured area… 452 more words

Color And Appearance Theory


Day 203 – July 23. The moiré pattern emerging in the center looks like a nice transition to explore for the next few days. PSD>flip vertical/horizontal. Filter>layer effect.

Renovation Geometric

I’ve been thinking about when we renovated our house, quite a few years ago now, but it was a major performance: floors up, walls moved, a new room added. 98 more words


Islamic Art with Adam Williamson

Artist Adam Williamson of East London, told us about Islamic art and how he is currently teaching it at King’s College. He showed us several films of how he interprets those same Islamic carvings into performances in front of a live audience! 218 more words


Pythagorean Theorem Jungle Hideout Practice

Summer school is over and I have a month before school starts up again. With going to block scheduling, I have been thinking a lot lately about how I will keep my students entertained. 444 more words

Advanced Algebra / Algebra II