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A Space-Filling Arrangement of Polyhedra Using Truncated Cubes, Rhombcuboctahedra, Cubes, and Octagonal Prisms

This image above has only one polyhedron-type hidden from view, in the center:  a red truncated cube. Next, more of this pattern I just found will be added. 131 more words



Day 324 – Nov 22. Trying to reconcile 5000 years of geometric tiling is not an easy task! The inversion is the link from the future to the past…SLM>Inversion. 9 more words

Year 2014

A Cluster of Nine Octahedra, and Related Polyhedra

If one starts with a central octahedron, then augments each of its eight triangular faces with identical octahedra, this is the result.

It is then possible to augment each visible triangle of this cluster with yet more octahedra, which produces this result, in which some octahedra overlap each other. 127 more words


Random Friday Fun Facts: The Music of the Spheres

“music is so naturally united with us that we cannot be free from it even if we so desired”
Boethius: De institutione musica

Most serious musicians understand that music and math are inextricably linked.   574 more words


Circles in Equilateral Triangles

Imagine there are the triangle number of congruent circles inscribed in an equilateral triangle so that the radii of these circles are as large as possible. 93 more words