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Day 108. SLM Inversion. PSD image adjustment, layer effect. 2 nights ago there was a large bright moon – called the blood moon (?) That’s what it could have looked like from under a tree –except I liked it better in blue.

The Deconstruction of the Compound of Five Cubes

To make the compound of five cubes, begin with a dodecahedron, as seen above. Next, add segments as new edges, and let them be all of the diagonals of all the dodecahedron’s faces. 119 more words


Motions versus correspondences

We have understood structure as that which is preserved by allowable transformations; and so far we have always conceptualized transformations as motions. Since structure is such a central concept, let us investigate what exactly motions tell, or fail to tell us about structure. 1,723 more words


Laser Cutting

Have been having fun doing some CAD on Rhino and creating designs for laser cutting.

Here’s an sample:

A Side

B side

Currently developing pieces that will interlock to create a structure for my final piece.

Islamic geometrical pattern

Islamic geometrical pattern.

In Islamic art we find very mathematical ways of designing geometrical patterns. The gigantic mosaics are made to represent an infinite pattern which can go beyond the visible world. 239 more words


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Today, I was a bookstore and looked at the opinions of catalogues. Duchamp. Geometry hanging from a string outside an apartment in South America, Playing chess against a voluptuary. 283 more words