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The Sun as Borexino Sees It in Real Time: "the energy released today at the centre of the Sun is exactly the same as that produced 100,000 years ago"

The neutrino experiment in the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratories has managed to measure the energy of our star in real time: the energy released today at the centre of the Sun is… 579 more words


Military Intercept

Top Secret/Confidential/For Your Eyes Only

To: President Obama (Golfing in Kailua)

From: Pacific Fleet & RIMPAC Allied Command

We have successfully tested our new electromagnetic warfare and pulsed EMP radar weapons systems on our Hawaiian homeland and are happy to report 100% coral reef destruction.   524 more words


Shock & Awe




Latest Google Earth Pulsed Microwave Radar Database (1.3 Billion Watts) can be Downloaded Here 84 more words


August 24 - The (Not So) Big One

Today’s factismal: A magnitude 6.0 earthquake just rocked the San Francisco bay area.

At about 3:30 AM, or about the time most techies are putting their computers to sleep, a strong earthquake hit the Bay area. 693 more words


August 23 - Bardarbing, Bardarbang, Bardarbunga!

Today’s factismal: The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland has begun to erupt!

If you are a geologist, these are exciting times. Not only do we finally have a theory that explains how mountains and volcanoes form… 1,244 more words

Famous Scientists

Nothing New Under the Sun

Pulsed Electromagnetic(Microwave) Radiation Dissolves Calcium compounds and Kills Fish and other marine Life, OK?  A 500,000 watt microsecond duration pulse is 900 feet long and gets bent and reflected by the atmosphere and grounds out instantly into the Earth and Oceans. 61 more words