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Cruise 1: Days 1-6 trials, tribulations and triumphs

By Rich Chiverrell and co from the edge of the shelf

Developed as a concept 3-4 years ago, and planned over the last 2 years with massive input from across the Britice-Chrono team and Colm Ó Cofaigh (Marine Theme Leader), on Monday 14th July it finally began to happen, Cruise 1 (JC106) of the NERC Consortium Project Britice-Chrono. 1,151 more words


Better know a Canadian functionary: the Dominion Geodesist

Land surveying in Canada falls under the purview of the Surveyor-General of Canada, as I’ve said before. But surveying depends on a lot of basic measurements and calculations of measurements of the Earth to take into account when surveying, things like differing sea levels or regional variances in the Earth’s gravitational pull or its magnetic field. 193 more words

Three Tales of Thermodynamics

land and sea
warm and cool
in their time
in their place
without me
or with me
no matter
my powers
have paltry
affect upon… 64 more words


theGeotechnica – Issue No.6: November 2011

November 2011

- The Benefits of Near-Surface Geophysical Methods – How geophysics has changed, and the quality data it can now produce.

- Keeping Up With Eurocodes – A look at cost effective ways of complying with Eurocodes in Site Investigation. 86 more words


Explaining Jupiter's magnetic field and equatorial jet dynamic [EPA]


Spacecraft data reveal a very Earth-like Jovian magnetic field. This is surprising since numerical simulations have shown that the vastly different interiors of terrestrial and gas planets can strongly affect the internal dynamo process. 139 more words

Earth And Planetary Astrophysics

What I Think is "Cooking" the Reef in Kauai

Given that the safe limit is 10 watts / sq. meter for EMF, I would look closely at the “pulsed” power level reflecting over that area.   84 more words