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Hagmann & Hagmann Report - When Watchmen See Eye to Eye

The warnings that we share have to do with war coming to the United States.

Published on Jan 22, 2015 Oil wars. Economic wars. Geopolitical stakes have never been higher. 247 more words


The Willful Disregard for the Dismemberment of Ukraine

I’m not sure what worries me more, today’s headline about the rebel push into Mariupol, which has already killed twenty civilians going about their daily business in a marketplace (which belies the question, how does one go about one’s daily business in a war-torn country), or the apathetic interest that people seem to have towards the civil war in Ukraine. 664 more words


Stick to Chocolate and Beer

I’m not sure what’s worse about this BBC excerpt, that Belgium is joining the military-on-our-streets bandwagon,  or that their army is “only” 300 strong: 127 more words

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Hedge Funds Bullish on Russia

Despite geopolitical risks and tension in Ukraine, hedge funds put billions in Russian stocks during the first quarter of 2014. Among the largest buyers are Renaissance Technologies and Citadel Advisors, two funds locate… 7 more words

El poder: una circunstancia en el pensamiento de Foucault

 El poder no es concebido como una cosa que se posea, no es una propiedad a la que sólo algunos pocos tienen acceso, no es un algo cuyos efectos se atribuyen a la apropiación, a una posesión adquirida por privilegio y ejercido por una clase dominante, no es exclusivo de los aparatos del estado. 574 more words


Grey Vs. Ghomeshi

I went to the theatre this past Saturday to watch ‘Unbroken,’ a great movie about the trials and tribulations of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete who fought in the Second World War as a bombardier, whose plane crashed into the Pacific where he and two others survived (one dying at sea though) adrift for 45 days before being picked up by the Japanese and sent to an internment camp, where he saw out the reminder of the war. 754 more words