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Where in the world is the wife?

Three months ago, they made my wife an offer she couldn’t refuse: See the world! Sure, it’s one city per day (and by “city” I mostly mean airport), but it’s a different city each day. 229 more words


Cheap-Oil Era Tilts Geopolitical Power to U.S.

A new age of abundant and cheap energy supplies is redrawing the world’s geopolitical landscape, weakening and potentially threatening the legitimacy of some governments while enhancing the power of others. 1,617 more words

Media Coverup Fails: Russian Secret Weapon Turns US Warship into Floating Coffin

I saw this story last night but did not post it then due to being caught up in other stories.

The mainstream media have ignored this story, but it’s leaking out. 742 more words

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This whole nation is now sitting dead in the water. The setup is near completion, it's only a matter of time before the big KO comes.

Rising China, geopolitical tensions take stage at APEC

World leaders including Barack Obama arrived in Beijing Monday for an Asia-Pacific summit hosted by China’s Xi Jinping and including Russia’s Vladimir Putin, against a backdrop of growing big-power rivalries. 682 more words

Defence Talk

Intelligence leak

I am an agent of Central Intelligence, an analyst for the National Security Agency, and a member of Seal Team Seven.  That’s one better than Seal Team Six.   406 more words



The NYT reports:

In his first year as secretary of state, Mr. Kerry joined with the Russians to push Syria to turn over its chemical weapons, persuaded the Israelis and Palestinians to resume direct peace talks, and played the closing role in the interim nuclear agreement with Iran.

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Lower Oil Prices Carry Geopolitical Consequences


NOVEMBER 3, 2014 | 0416 Print Text Size


Editor’s Note: The recent drop in global oil prices is affecting economies around the world. 1,323 more words

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