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…is just another word for nothing left to lose.  So, Scotland squandered it’s historic chance for independence from the United Kingdom and its evil queen (Maleficent has nothing on Lizzy).   203 more words

President Obama headed to special in-person meeting at CDC about Ebola Threat

THE LANTERN JOURNAL – Announcement – 12:20 p.m. CT Tuesday 16 September 2014

BREAKING NEWS 11:30 a.m. CT Tuesday 16 September 2014: President Obama now en route to a special meeting at the CDC regarding Ebola virus threat. 115 more words


How we got here

The following are required reading to understand how Iraq, quiescent in 2009 (so much so that the Obama administration was actually taking credit in February 2010), got into the terrible state it’s in today: 332 more words


$#*! my president says

Even the New York Times is noticing that Barack Obama is out of touch with reality:

When President Obama addresses the nation on Wednesday to explain his plan to defeat Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria, it is a fair bet he will not call them the “JV team.”

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Funny but sad

Jim Treacher:

“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“ISIL who?”
“ISIL have no idea what to do about this $#!+.”
— @BarackObama to WH Press Corps, 9/10/14

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Russians drop Satellite over Colorado Springs

A test?  EMP Test?  Folks… this is VERY SERIOUS in case you’re not quite grasping this situation.

Colorado Springs is the home for the Missile Defense Agency, NORAD, Ft. 2,705 more words

The Throes Of Tyranny

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Jet Fuel Continues to Create Issues

The Week in Perspective

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More demand side concerns not only on the global front, but the domestic side as well kept some downward pressure on absolute prices this past week. 2,609 more words

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