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Crude Bounces, Product Margins Squeezed

The Week in Perspective

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Refined product prices continued their move lower for a 4th week in a row while crude oil rebounded. 2,295 more words

Commercial Fuel

Sounds From Dangerous Places: Sonic Journalism | Peter Cusack

‘What can we learn of dangerous places by listening to their sounds?’

‘Sonic Journalism’ is the aural equivalent of photojournalism. It describes the practice where field recordings play a major role in the discussion and documentation of places, issues and events and where listening to sounds of all kinds strongly informs the approach to research and following narratives whilst on location. 175 more words


What You Should Know About Azerbaijan

Source: New Eastern Outlook, by Ulson Gunnar, July 6, 2014

Azerbaijan and its population of nine and a half million, sits along the western coast of the Caspian Sea, bordering Russia to its north, Iran to its south, and Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey to its west. 699 more words

World At WAR

Three Categories Of People

There are liberals and there are conservatives and there are those who have no interest in politics at all. Those would fall into the liberal category most of the time because they are uninformed and any news they get is from the major media. 641 more words


Jim Lantern reblogged this on The Lantern Journal and commented:

My Comment for this Reblogged Article: I agree with about 99% of what you wrote in Three Categories of People. However, for the 1%... You've left out Independent voters, centrists, moderates, Libertarians, and a few others. It's not a black and white world in politics, even though we are locked into a two-party system and sometimes have to select the lesser of two evils. The Modern Whig Party, founded by military veterans, is not liberal, nor conservative, but a mixture of both, making them average out to be centrist - but perhaps right-leaning. I average out to be centrist by agreeing with liberal Democrats on some issues - mainly personal and social, while agreeing with conservative Republicans and Tea Party on an equal number of issues - mainly economy and government. Right now, the personal and social issues are not harming me, but the economy and government issues - actions of liberal Democrats on those - are doing significant harm to me. Therefore, I give 100% support to conservatives - Republicans and Tea Party, even though my position on some issues remains to be liberal. I can do that without betraying the political right for what presently matters the most. I'm forced to take a side. No contest. I'll vote only for conservatives - Republicans and Tea Party - in November 2014 and 2016. President Obama and the Obama Democrats have engaged in gross abuse of power doing significant damage to this country. I'd like to see him impeached before more damage can be done. My point is, there is a political middle. I'm trying to convince them, who are like me, to give full support to the political right like I am now doing. There is hope. Even some centrist Democrats have seen the light, terrified by the "dark side of the Force" and are now running as fast as they can to the political right. Strength in numbers, we need them to stop the far left liberals. While we are caught up in this basically two-party conflict, there are other enemies - now within the U.S. as well as outside, who seek to destroy our way of life and everything we believe in - especially the U.S. Constitution. They are on the side of the political left. They are using Obama for their own U.S. and worldwide goals. So we have two enemies to fight. We'll need all the help we can get to win.

There is no two-state solution

You can’t make peace in the Middle East with a two-state solution, because one of the parties — the Palestinians – doesn’t want it. A poll of Palestinians finds that only 27% favor a two-state solution. 144 more words


Will United States And China Go To War Against Each Other?

I’m no expert on China or Asia, because all I know about the current events and past events from China and Asia is and was from the news and various sources online. 826 more words

Anything Goes

The anti-Roosevelt

When you talk tough and carry no stick at all, this is what happens:

John Kerry Told Russia It Had ‘Hours’ to Back Off in Ukraine. That Was Five Days Ago.