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Why Hamas might be in trouble this time

What is missing from the latest Israel-Hamas flare-up?   Arab protest.   We aren’t hearing much from the surrounding Arab countries.   Previous fighting usually resulted in multiple Arab governments pressing hard for a cease-fire, and declaring condemnation of Israel.   351 more words


US-Saudi Rift: Divorce Good for American Taxpayers and Christians

US-Saudi Rift: Divorce Good for American Taxpayers and Christians

Vojin Joksimovich, PhD

Modern Tokyo Times

This is Part III of my essay on Obama’s War with Assad. 1,787 more words


Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak’s statement on MH17 agreement

Chalk one up for common sense and a modicum of wisdom. Whilst much can still go wrong, the agreement between the Malaysian Prime Minister and Alexander Borodai is a small light in a rather dark period. 118 more words


All Around The Horn

Inkwell Institute

East African Desk

When I mention the Horn of Africa I get some unusual looks….most Americans only know of the region from a movie night when they watched “Black Hawk Down”………It refers to the countries of Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia and the area around the mouth of the Red Sea…..Americans sent a bunch of troops into Somalia to try and head off the rise in militancy…….it was a disaster and we pack up and headed for home…only after many Americans had lost their lives….. 304 more words

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Truth about Israel’s latest war on Gaza: the energy rush

Israel’s war on Gaza has little to do with missiles or rockets fired by Hamas; the fact is Israel is after the vast natural gas reserves in the tiny strip. 1,416 more words


UN calls for ceasefire after emergency session..condemns Shejaia massacre


The UN Security Council has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after holding an emergency closed-door meeting on the crisis.

The urgent talks came after Ban Ki-moon described Israel’s shelling of a Gaza City suburb as “an atrocious action”. 399 more words

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I am ashamed to be a Canadian right now. Decades of collective punishment and International Laws being ignored. But our leaders don't take any of that into consideration. After all, what does Palestine have to offer them? It seems we support whatever side can do the most for us. I wonder how they can look into their children's eyes and still feel like a decent human being. I guess they should count their lucky stars they weren't born in Palestine/Gaza.

Geopolitics Will Make It Hard to Get Even For What Happened to MH17

In Robert Fisk’s book The Great War for Civilization, a memoir of his time as a war correspondent in the Middle East, Fisk describes his visit to the morgue of those killed on… 940 more words