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A Curious State


It’s so difficult to maintain all the supplies to outlier regions of an empire…  Wait, I thought the United States was a republic…?


Oil Prices Changing the Face Of Global Geopolitics

In a documentary that aired recently on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s popular The Fifth Estate program, an allegory of Vladimir Putin was presented. The wily Russian president was described growing up in a shabby St. 1,269 more words

Gorbachev: US Dragging Russia Into New Cold War, Which Might Grow Into Armed Conflict

Mikhail Gorbachev has accused the US of dragging Russia into a new Cold War. The former Soviet president fears the chill in relations could eventually spur an armed conflict. 451 more words

Emerging Markets

The Secret Conversations (Part Eight of How we planned the Great War)

Hankey recounts that in December 1905 “a small group of naval and military officers began to meet informally at 2 Whitehall Gardens, to study the proper utilization of the forces of the United Kingdom in the event of our becoming involved, alongside of France, in a war with Germany.” (The Supreme Command, p.62) 1,442 more words

Britain's Great War

Does Globalization Cause War? 

The argument that globalization does not necessarily lead to peace is a pretty easy one to make, the usual example being that German-British trade was going brilliantly right up to World War I. 261 more words


Kazakhstan and Russia: A Changing Relationship?

Among the post Soviet states Kazakhstan, together with Belarus, holds the status of the closest ally to Russia. It is one of the few countries that supports Russian actions in the international arena and is a member of the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). 879 more words


and finally a test post in a lower case heading

Vel in magna congue, quod iisque tritani at vel. Autem putent id est, et cum nobis diceret pertinax, no probatus rationibus quaerendum usu. Sit at natum probatus, in duo autem liber commune. 411 more words

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