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Turkmenistan as the Three-for-One Staging Ground of Eurasian Destabilization

Again a very interesting geopolitical article produced by Andrew Korybko. This time he highlights the coming role of Turkmenistan in Central Asia

By Andrew KORYBKO (USA) 196 more words


Aggressive Propaganda Helps Islamic State Lure Followers Away From Al-Qaida

Aggressive Propaganda Helps Islamic State Lure Followers Away From Al-Qaida

by John Rossomando

IPT News

Investigative Project on Terrorism

Battlefield success by the Islamic State, formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), may be translating into a… 1,040 more words


The World's Most Repressive Regimes Delight In U.S. Crack Down In Ferguson | ThinkProgress

After decades of preaching to the world about how to handle dissent among its citizens almost to the point of being some sort of superior authority…….the rest of the world can all gloat over the handling of the situation in Ferguson….. 29 more words


Is China surrounded by countries afraid of her power ?

*This first appeared as an answer to a similar question on Quora. It can be accessed here

‘Power’ is an extremely relative term. I am not sure in which context the OP used it here. 639 more words


More from O'Sullivan and Miller

Patrick O’Sullivan and Jesse Miller conclude a now-dated regional analysis of the Middle East with comments that still ring prescient:

Mackinder’s pivot was the region which the horsemen of the steppes swept out of under pressure of limited resources and internecine competition.

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What happens if Russia does not invade Ukraine?

Although pro-Russian fighters and armaments continue to cross the border from Russia into Ukraine, and the intensity of the fighting in eastern Ukraine has increased, the Ukrainian offensive has continued to make progress. 1,545 more words

Ukraine Crisis