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ISIS Coalition SITREP #57

I would like to say that the credible info coming out of the Middle East is slim at best….when there is little good news the media has a tendency to move to greener pastures…..News from Sony….news on Cuba…..news on attack in Pakistan….all this is stifling all other news……reports coming out of the Middle East are few….but we will carry on……. 823 more words

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FARC is Putting Pressure on President Santos of Colombia

FARC is Putting Pressure on President Santos of Colombia

Michiyo Tanabe and Helmet Joachim Schmidt

Modern Tokyo Times

FARC have announced a very important unilateral ceasefire thereby putting more pressure on President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia to follow suit. 474 more words


(Strategic) Partner/trading partner/adversary/enemy? Russia

A few days ago in an entry prior to the continued and expanded EU sanctions relating to Crimea, the following few lines appeared thus:  “In effect Crimea and those involved, (and are yet to be so), will become ring-fenced as a separate issue from events in eastern Ukraine as time passes, leaving Crimea a perennial bone of contention, whilst eventually a transactional – rather than business as usual – relationship with the Kremlin eventually becomes the normative when matters in the east are far more to the collective European liking.” 458 more words


Russia: Will West's Economic warfare succeed?

Marin Katusa argues that Western hopes that their economic warfare against Russia will bring it down are misplaced:

“The harsh reality is that U.S. shale fields have much more to fear from plummeting oil prices than the Russians, since their costs of production are much higher, says Marin Katusa, author of The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp. 1,057 more words


Cementing a presence in the Spratlys

Earlier this year, numerous reports surfaced on China’s creation of artificial islands in the South China Sea through land reclamation of submerged reefs. Of particular concern, … 681 more words

Who buried South Stream and Why?: EU or Russia?

Zbigniew Brzezinski had once described Russia’s energy policy as an initiative “to separate the Central Europe from the Western Europe”; something able to divide Member States’ solidarity on the EU and NATO’s potential enlargement in the post-soviet space. 1,327 more words

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Gerald Celente-trendsjournal.com Global eCONomic Fraud, The FINancial END is Near

Libor, Forex, Metals, Commodities ALL being or have been fradulently rigged to fleece the Sleeple Sheeple who are about to be culled as the technochratic self appointed elite buy everything up for pennies on the $. 141 more words

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