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From the province of the Cat #33 - Me and My Monkey

By George Gunn

Sometime between the Referendum result and now, as if in a dream, I saw or imagined I saw Ed Miliband standing on a platform saying something like, or to the effect of, “I want to make it absolutely clear that the core Labour message is ‘What is the best deal for me and my family?’” Maybe I had spent too long on a northbound train or perhaps the two year referendum campaign was overly extended and intense as I could have sworn I heard him say “What is the best deal for me and my monkey?” 1,726 more words


From the Province of the Cat #32 - The Owl of Minerva

by George Gunn

As the fighter jets take off from Cyprus the torch of their engine burn sears the raw wound of a three week hurt. 1,532 more words