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The best of both worlds

by George Gunn

They come together the burghers of London

to steal our chattels so that

we can rent them back

because this to them is free of risk… 223 more words


From The Province of the Cat #31 - The Bones of Scotland

by George Gunn

After today there are only fifteen days to go until Scotland decides her future. On the 18th of this month the forces of progress take on the forces of reaction. 1,763 more words

From the Province of the Cat #30 - Exploiting Sunlight

by George Gunn

As I write this a child is dying every hour in Gaza. To write about theatre at such a time may seem to many an irrelevance but to me, because it is such a big part of my creativity and a public art, the theatre grows more important in my life by the hour and with every tragic death. 1,857 more words