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Kennan Saw In 1998 That NATO Expansion Would Be A Disaster

In addition to Lyndon LaRouche, who offered a perspective for avoiding the world war that we now imminently face, at least one other strategic thinker foresaw that expanding NATO would be a disaster: George Kennan, the architect of 40 years of containment of the Soviet Union. 464 more words

Lyndon Larouche

George F. Kennan's Prediction On NATO Expansion Was Right

Interesting argument against further expansion of NATO on Moon of Alabama:

George Kennan was the U.S. diplomat and Russia specialist who developed the cold war strategy of containment of the Soviet Union, though he later criticized its militaristic implementation.

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The Bloggers' Credo

Courtesy of George Kennan, whose diaries I want to read:

As I leave Europe, my only message to myself, in light of this thoroughly wasted summer, is: Write, you bastard, write.

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1946: Memo on USSR, Capitalism, Socialism, and Power

From the archives, a Memo on the status of the USSR and long range thoughts, as the Cold War takes hold:

Part 1: Basic Features of Post War Soviet Outlook, as Put Forward by Official Propaganda Machine… 254 more words

Post #4: Data Visualization and Organization

For my data visualization project, I analyzed two texts that are instrumental to my research area: George Kennan’s “Long Telegram” from 1946  and Kennan’s 1947 article  427 more words

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