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A Recent Observation in the World of Sports

I forget where I saw the headline first, but yesterday, it was reported around the sports world that the Lakers had won the Carlos Boozer amnesty waiver bid. 155 more words

Spoiler Alert: Story Lines for the Upcoming NBA Season

I’ve always said that the NBA is my favorite TV show. Year-round drama surrounds the league, with its superstars being the focal points on and off the court. 2,510 more words

Unifor faces challenges to organize CHL players union

Unifor president Jerry Dias said the largest private sector union in Canada will not rush the process in its attempt to organize more than 1,300 players playing in the Canadian Hockey League. 849 more words


2 Days Removed: Questions and Answers from the USA-Belgium Game (And More!)

After being eliminated in the Round of 16 on Monday night, we provide some closure on what was an exciting, and encouraging run in the 2014 World Cup for Team USA. 1,409 more words

The Bandits vs. The Red Devils

Before I give reasons why the US has a shot today against Belgium, I have to admit something. This did happen about a year ago. The Red Devils ran circles around the US defense. 686 more words

Highlights From The Draft


Last night, we watched the NBA Draft in its entirety in George’s lovely apartment. The draft went on for quite some time, but we certainly wouldn’t have reached the end without a little help from our good ol’ friend alcohol. 1,465 more words

Heartbreak in the Jungle

As the United States nearly pulled off one of the greatest victories in team history, George and Jesse were on opposite sides of the street, watching the game in separate bars. 2,579 more words