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Lakoff on his own frames

Harry Feldman has brought to my attention that in terms of his reading of Lakoff, Lakoff fails to appreciate that he is speaking from within a particular frame and seems to be using it unanalytically. 788 more words


Framing vs "Orwellian language"

April 24, 2014Orwell’s fiction ‘memes’Newspeak, doublethink, Big Brother, etc – still sound resonant to me, but his famous essay, Politics and the English Language… 1,398 more words

Frame Semantics

Blog 4- Cultural evolution evident in human use of language in the United States

Political correctness is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the conformity to a belief that “languages and practices which could offend political sensibilities” should be eliminated. 549 more words

Anthony F.C. Wallace

Why isn’t good evidence more effective in solving political debates?

A guest posting by Tim Lash

Canadian political decisions are defying reason more blatantly, more often. This is bad for good citizenship. But there’s hope. Recent developments in social science and neuroscience give insight into the problem, and may help devise solutions. 791 more words

Getting High

Remember George Lakoff and his wonderful book Metaphors We Live By? He and co-writer Mark Johnson argued that metaphors are not “merely” symbolic;  instead, they shape and determine how we think. 400 more words


Narendra Modi has at least one thing in common with Silvio Berlusconi

A peninsula stretching south of the Alpide belt whose northern boundary is a breathtaking mountain chain. A land of wonderful—and wonderfully different—landscapes yet subject to devastating natural catastrophes. 795 more words

A human horror

by A.E. Malmer © 2014

Jean was very skinny, but earnest about learning about debt in our citizen class on economics. She was familiar with debt, having attended college. 319 more words