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The political right-side brain v. political left-side brain

A barrage of articles recently came out regarding the different mentalities that Republicans and Democrats have and how our brains – and thus mentalities – are… 602 more words


Tabloid stereotypes - typifying classes by worst-cases

Sept 19, 2014 –Today’s Daily Express headline is a particularly nasty example of an irresponsible tabloid practice. Most people would probably (and rightly) think of it as… 578 more words


Reasoning on Metaphorical Foundations

A review of the book Metaphors We Live By, by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson.

Just how important are metaphors? Many linguists, certainly if you asked them before 1980, would have told you something like this. 951 more words

(re)thinking Media

The Dialectic of Language

The philosophy of language takes up how we use language and the relationship of that to our realities – both objective and subjective realities. In the piece  1,469 more words


The economic "growth" frame - and its opposition

Aug 27, 2014Outside of governments and corporations, the pursuit of economic growth is no longer taken for granted – some commentators are challenging the orthodoxy. 2,373 more words

Frame Semantics

Amnesty and The Enduring Question of Immigration

   My friend Manfred Wolf writes a regular column for the West Portal Monthly in San Francisco. Yesterday, he sent me a copy of his latest offering, which appears in the August 2014 edition. 1,261 more words


Sides in Polarized Education Debate Reflect Different Moral Frames

George Lakoff is the cognitive linguist who has published a series of books (Don’t Think of an Elephant and Moral Politics, for example) about how people think about issues of public policy.  704 more words

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