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What does the name Kopy-Keck allude to?

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In George MacDonald’s The Light Princess there is mention of two philosophers – Hum-Drum (a materialist) and Kopy-Keck (a spiritualist). Based on other names in the story (like Makemnoit and Clanfort, as well as Lagobel – in Italian Lago bel ) it seems likely that Kopy-Keck either means something in and of itself or else is meant to sound like some other word or phrase.

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AAJ Podcast: C.S. Lewis' Top Ten, Volume One (Will Vaus)

From my All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast page – What made C.S. Lewis such a great writer? One major factor is that he was a great reader. 127 more words


the most dangerous

“I feared not even fear—which of all dangers is the most dangerous.”

— George MacDonald, Lilith


loved me savagely

“Ah, there was your mistake, my lady! You should have loved me much, loved me devotedly, loved me savagely—loved me eternally! Then I should have tired of you the sooner, and not hated you so much afterward!”

— George MacDonald, Lilith



The prolific writer and great Christian mind of G.K. Chesterton once wrote this about the book The Princess and the Goblin:

But in a certain rather special sense I for one can really testify to a book that has made a difference to my whole existence, which helped me to see things in a certain way from the start; a vision of things which even so real a revolution as a change of religious allegiance has substantially only crowned and confirmed. 172 more words

Fairy Tales

Creeping Christians

“We are and remain such creeping Christians, because we look at ourselves and not at Christ; because we gaze at the marks of our own soiled feet, and the trail of our own defiled garments…. 41 more words

George MacDonald

Preparing for what comes next

What God may hereafter require of you, you must not give yourself the least trouble about. Everything He gives you to do, you must do as well as ever you can, and that is the best possible preparation for what He may want you to do next. 22 more words

George MacDonald