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"My Scotland" may slip away and there's not a damn thing I can do about it

In a few hours from now the people of Scotland alone will decide whether to hold fast to the Union or go their own way and bring to an end this United Kingdom. 547 more words


George MacDonald On Justice From Unspoken Sermons

“To say on the authority of the bible that God does a thing no honourable man would do, is to lie against God….I will accept no explanation of any way of God which explanation involves what I should scorn as false and unfair in a man.”


George MacDonald: Obedience, Duty and Love

The aim of the Christian life is, when we get down to basics, to conform our will to the will of God – to gradually allow our rebellious, self-oriented wills to be aligned with the will of the One who is Love, that we might will what He wills and love the way He does, and that in this way we may become ‘ 1,136 more words


George MacDonald - The Lost Princess Excerpt

The Lost Princess

A Double Story

by George MacDonald

illustrated by Bernhard Oberdieck

edited by Glenn Edward Sadler

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company * Grand Rapids, Michigan… 1,866 more words


Formative Stories.

This post is brought to you by a nice, giant coffee that I thought was decaf, consumed with enthusiasm at too late o’clock.. What is this? 575 more words


Well, Look What We Have Here!

My wife’s been gone this past week, visiting family back in Wisconsin. So, what’s an old book junkie going to do to pass the time but go book hunting at his favorite thrift stores and library book sales? 155 more words



There is a great scene in The Fisherman’s Lady by Scottish author, poet and preacher, George MacDonald.  Malcolm, the fisherman, and his friend, the schoolmaster, are sitting in a graveyard following the death of a local woman and discussing dying. 557 more words

It's Friday. But Sunday's Coming!