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Hi L.A

We received our “Watchers No 8” today and have just finished watching it. 484 more words

L. A. Marzulli


One of my very first clear memories way back in 1985 when I was only one year old. I was outside with my older brother, Matthew who was 6 or 7 at the time, my sister Anna who was 2, and all three of us saw a brilliant, bright light zooming across the sky in our neighborhood in Hamburg, Michigan. 287 more words


Gang Stalking - Coast-to-Coast video on gang stalking

This is a very good video. It talks about cuts to the skin, which happen to me, and other things other targets haven’t mentioned. It’s over an hour-long, so prepare for an hour of watching, but it’s worth it. 65 more words


The Night Right Wing Talk Radio Was Actually Right

Could George Noory of Coast To Coast AM be a closet liberal? Could all the Obama birther nonsense, aliens and ghosts and Bigfoot walking among us all be ratings-building hype? 640 more words


Reincarnation? Life After Death?

I am not ashamed to identify myself as a listener of Coast-to-Coast AM. Often I sit at night in my bed, reading and writing as I listen to the program as it lulls me off in to the land of sleep. 1,559 more words