The Gift of Inspiration

I’m bereft of ideas today.  That is why I put up the Chuck D quote and the George Carlin transcript.  Since August of last year I have put up over 500 posts.  435 more words

It's Easy to Manipulate the Truth - And You Bought the Lie

The last couple of days there was a video going around of a brief clip from the show “Family Feud”

Here’s how I originally saw it: 462 more words


Reprint: Language

Time for another of my Cognitive Mapping columns. This one was first published in Vector 187, February 1996.

Science Fiction

Shooting an Elephant -Bits of Orwell.

This is one of the pieces that made Orwell famous. The full text can be seen at the bottom. What is your favorite short story? 384 more words

Such, Such Were the Joys- George Orwell

First Published: 1953
Length: 56 pages
Rating: 5 stars


In this bitingly honest autobiographical essay, Orwell recounts his days as a pupil at St Cyprian’s preparatory school in Eastbourne, Sussex. 204 more words


Looking For Inspiration

I’m a writer, looking for inspiration

Hoping to avoid the grisly realisation,

That stark desperation

And impending frustration,

At my imagination’s constipation,

Which is blocking inspiration… 487 more words

Crap Poetry Corner

In two weeks' time South Africa is having our national elections...

…and initially that was all I was going to say about that.  I don’t want to sully this blog with local politics, which can really take anything good and utterly corrupt it (but I suppose that’s true of local politics everywhere, isn’t it?) 749 more words

South Africa