truthy truthfulness

Sometimes the hardest thing for us to hear is the truth.

Truth can hurt — it can be unpleasant, unkind, demoralizing, frustrating, and crippling — but truth is also always one thing…true. 267 more words


The Ancient Art of Writing Letters

Dear reader,

I love receiving handmade things. So, I was ecstatic to receive this postcard from a fellow classmate.

You probably think this postcard is pretty strange, especially since he’s addressing me as “comrade.” I’ll explain. 145 more words

Science fiction books I love

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels

These books are so much fun to read: action-oriented, old-school, history-infused science fiction. I have a big soft spot for the initial trilogy especially, but the rest of the series is a great read as well. 849 more words


20th Century Books Tag

I was tagged by Irina (please check out her Youtube channel, especially if you’re a Romanian speaker).

The whole idea behing this tag is to choose a book you’ve read or a book you’d like to read for every decade of the 20th century. 85 more words


The Selective Subservience System

Michael Murry

The government of the United States still demands that all American males between the ages of 18 and 24 register for military conscription – i.e., the Draft – even though that same government maintains that no such system of military conscription any longer exists. 999 more words


The Right Way To Write

Nowadays, everyone enjoys the right to write, though not everything that’s written is worth our attention. But if we must write, we must, at least, know how to write. 96 more words


Big-Brother-Awards 2014

The Verein Digitalcourage has announced its 2014 Big Brother awards for the best violations of consumer data protection in the past year. The association posted English translations of each award announcement online, which is awesome. 1,529 more words