My Month in the Enigma That is China

Disclaimer: I am aware that China has several provinces and that I only visited 3 of them and that I know veeeery little about China and am not an expert on China in the least. 1,604 more words


Off the Beaten Track in Mawlamyine

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On arrival we had a 5 hour car journey to Mawlamyine, pronounced Moulmein by the British including George Orwell and Rudyard Kipling!  501 more words


Conservatives Should Not Apologise For Wanting To Shrink The State

“Tories pull into four point lead over Labour” proclaims the headline in today’s Telegraph, citing an Ipsos MORI poll that put the Conservatives on 33 per cent to Labour’s 29. 1,600 more words


Cyber Warfare and the New Cold War

The Cold War was a unique period in history; a period of high political tension lasting for almost 45 years whereby the world was divided into distinct categories of extremely capable countries. 802 more words

Cold War

Maybe Rupert Murdoch should just buy Greenpeace now.

An earlier post of mine was basically a rant against the misinformation put out by, in particular, the anti-GMO crowd; this is a good example. It was actually posted on facebook in response to a thread where most of the claims had already been rebutted but that seems to make no difference. 449 more words

Genetic Engineering

1984 by George Orwell

For the author, George Orwell, the year 1984 seemed so far away. But in the present, the year 1984 has already come and gone. The setting of the story was so distorted, with the whole country under the control of a strong leader named ‘Big Brother.’ ‘Big Brother’ was worshiped like crazy. 807 more words


How have you used SEO and tags to help search engines locate your blog?

The search engine optimisation (or SEO) has been very useful for my site since it allows others to read my blogs. Since our blogs are about George Orwell’s outstanding novel, 1984, I thought that tagging the book’s name and its author (in all of my blog prompts) is a clever way for people to read what I wrote. 115 more words