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Worldbuilding in a Nutshell: Martin & Dozois's Rogues Anthology

Sipani, and most especially its moist and fragrant Old Quarter, was full of thieves. They were a constant annoyance, like midges in summer. Also muggers, robbers, burglars, cutpurses, cutthroats, thugs, murderers, strong-arm men, spivs, swindlers, gamblers, bookies, moneylenders, rakes, beggars, tricksters, pimps, pawnshop owners, crooked merchants, not to mention accountants and lawyers. 1,148 more words


"Never forget what you are..." - Tyrion Lannister.

Sound advice from Tyrion Lannister and George RR Martin. I certainly have taken this on board and put it into good practice on many an occasion. 72 more words


[Re-Read] A Game of Thrones - Sansa VI


Sansa stays in her room for days weeping and shivering in grief and reliving the moment when Janos Slynt held her father down and Ser Ilyn chopped off his head. 1,041 more words

Game Of Thrones

[Re-Read] A Game of Thrones - Bran VII


Bran, Summer, and Maester Luwin watch Ser Rodrik train new recruits. Bran says that if he were trained to use a poleaxe, he could fight using Hodor as his legs. 1,355 more words

Game Of Thrones

Book review: The Iron King.

Another week, another book with “King” in the title. Sorry! The next one I read will be quite a departure from this trend.

Anyway, this weekend I read The Iron King. 1,176 more words


[Re-Read] A Game of Thrones - Arya V


Arya has been hiding in King’s Landing since her escape from the castle. She catches pigeons and trades them for soup in the Flea Bottom neighborhood of the city. 918 more words

Game Of Thrones

[Re-Read] A Game of Thrones - Dany VIII


Drogo has not been following Mirri’s instructions, and he is slowly dying. He ripped off the poultice she gave him because it itched. The herbwomen made him a new one with mud that was more soothing, but it has not been helping. 1,597 more words

Game Of Thrones