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Well, well, well. The tangled weave finally unwovened.

What is it about every election season that career politicians deny what they have already made public comments about?   Some say the “water”?  Some say Party alignment?   242 more words

George Soros

When is the majority irrelevant?

“Majority is irrelevant”

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George Soros

George Soros admits to funding the Ukraine crisis

George Soros admits to funding the Ukraine crisis.

My Two Cents Worth

QUESTION: If George Soros has funded Obama’s Coups, “Why should we ever believe anything Obama, McCain, Kerry, or Ted Cruz says in the news about Ukraine?”


George Soros exposed! ~ FoxNews

Uploaded on Feb 19, 2011

George Soros created the Open Society Foundation, a liberal, largely anti-government organization. George Soros also funds and supports open borders for the U.S…

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