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Nearly Every Mass Shooting Has This One Thing In Common, And It Isn't Weapons

Whenever gun crimes are perpetrated, liberals love to point the finger of blame at law-abiding gun owners, but a list of mass shooters from the past 20 years proves that they all had one thing in common – and it wasn’t the weapons used.Evidence shows that the common factor in nearly every mass shooting is that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful…

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2nd Amendment

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The progressives don't want to hear this --- for it's they that are a afraid of the guns for an armed citizenry if harder to control and bend to your wishes than a compliant dependent on government programs; in other words a modern day slave required to do what their masters want to keep receiving the benefits.

President Obama's Ego Targets Democrats Trying To Gain Distance....

For those wondering how President Obama’s ego could handle the scope of Democrat candidates who are trying to distance themselves from him and his consequential policies, the answer has been found. 82 more words

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Now this is a really bad case of whats called cutting of your nose to spite your face ... lol

Liberal feminists who are in no small part responsible for creating the hook-up culture to begin with, are now hilariously demanding that they be protected by complicated sexual consent rules

Do you ever read an article by someone and think, “MAN I wish I had written that!”  That’s how I felt when I read Heather Mac Donald’s…

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Most men quickly learn after being with women that they, they man, are never right when dealing with a woman no matter what they do or say ... lol

List of Participating Florida Mayors: Agenda 21,Sustainable Development.

Clinton began to implement Agenda 21 in the US in 1993 by giving the American Planning Association a multi-million dollar grant to write a land use legislative blueprint for every municipality in the US… 629 more words

Florida Politics

Top Dem Super PAC Gets Big Boost from Soros, Spielberg, Democracy Alliance

Senate Majority PAC discloses $9.2 million in September contributions

Big name wealthy liberal Dem names like HollyWERID director Steven Spielberg, billionaire George Soros and so on are throwing millions and millions at ensuring that Sen. 25 more words


1. Businessman George Soros introduced Ebola to West Africa through his biolab in Sierra Leone.Instead of blaming him and asking him to pay reparations Africans are being blamed of bringing Ebola on themselves by eating bats,monkeys and bush meat.Read more here…http://mile2herald.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/george-soros-was-allowed-to-set-up-a-biolab-in-sierra-leone-which-manufactured-current-ebola-virus-because-of-so-called-development-aid/ 170 more words


Getting past the lies about Ebola

Originally published on September 13, 2014 – Examiner.com

Today it is reported that the US State Department just ordered 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits. Lakeland Industries, the company that makes them says these Hazmat Suits are equipped to handle airborne Ebola. 924 more words