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Historical Figures Who Could Have Used GoodMouth

GoodMouth launched in 2013, but we couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if we’d been around long before that. Perhaps there are some historical figures that could have benefitted from a GoodMouth subscription. 346 more words


Snapple Fact # 926

George Washington was the only unanimously elected President.

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Washington Comments On Richard Snowden

(It may be coincidence; it could be prophecy).


Philadelphia, December 4, 1793.

Sir: I have received, and thank you for the first vol: of the American Revolution. 84 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"


“Yes, Doctor, if it works then we’ll have resurrected America’s greatest and most beloved statesman, with hope that he can make some headway in the current crisis – and if it doesn’t work, then we’ll send him off to some small town where he can spend the rest of his days pondering his uncanny resemblance to George Washington.” 89 more words

Teaching and writing in the Confederacy

My cushy job is supported by bequests from wealthy people. I knew some of that wealth must have been amassed in ethically fishy ways. However, I only learned for sure a couple of weeks ago that my home institution prospered directly and substantially from slavery. 1,356 more words

George Washington

A rider on horseback, many years ago, came upon a squad of soldiers who were trying to move a heavy piece of timber. A corporal stood by, giving lordly orders to “heave.” But the piece of timber was a trifle too heavy for the squad. 83 more words


Rest Stop ... another year gone by

When we start out on a journey we typically have a goal in mind, an idea of how we want the journey to turn out.  But even the best plans may need to be modified at times.   655 more words