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George Washington Partly-printed vellum DS as president

Partly-printed vellum DS as president, signed “G:o Washington,” one page, 7.5 x 3.5, December 20, 1796. Conclusion of a presidential document. In full: “Given under my Hand and the Seal of the United States of America, the twentieth day of December in the year of our Lord one sand seven hundred and ninety six.” In very good condition, with intersecting folds (one vertical fold passing through a single letter of the signature), scattered foxing, and a charred left side (affecting a few words of the document’s text but not the signature). 106 more words

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Choosing an Energetic President To - “Take Care That The Laws Be Faithfully Executed”

As we enter the last week of the midterm campaign, we find ourselves ringside in a battle between President Obama’s vanity and Democratic Senate candidate’s cynicism. 1,135 more words

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George Washington's Commandos: Special Ops During the American Revolution

George Washington’s Commandos: Special Ops During the American Revolution


Michael Peck

When most of us think of U.S. special-operations forces, Delta Force and the Green Berets come to mind.  10,512 more words


Professor lectures on journalism in Civil War era

By Alex Rawlins, Staff Writer

Oct. 23, Chapel Hill UNC professor of literature Eliza Richards gave a lecture that concerned the early stages of journalism. In particular, she focused on the Civil War era and the beginning of mass media, as well as the poetry of the Civil War and how it relates to journalism. 390 more words


“No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.” – Carver, George Washington Inventor (1864-1943)

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George Washington rare hand-drawn land survey property near Mount Vernon

Rare hand-drawn land survey conducted by Washington, signed with his initials within the text, “GW,” one page, 5.25 x 9, no date but circa 1785. Washington draws the plat of land on the western edge of his Four Mile Run property in Alexandria, Virginia, about 12 miles north of his famous Mount Vernon estate. 171 more words

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A Time For Choosing

Originally posted on FlyerNews.com 8/20/2014

By: Kevin G. Joseph

The Americans have made a discovery, or they think they have made one, that we mean to oppress them. 734 more words