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George Will: ‘I’m quite confident that we’re going to rebel against this abusive government’

George Will: ‘I’m quite confident that we’re going to rebel against this abusive government’

The Blaze ^ | Apr. 11, 2014 | Benjamin Weingarten… 430 more words

Racism & Pounding the Table

From by political buddy, Michael Hausam

Watch George Will Perfectly Diagnose The Constant Liberal Cry of ‘Racist!’


On Fox News Sunday, George Will hit the ball hard in response to Chris Wallace’s question: 188 more words


[VIDEO] George Will: The Left Has 'a Kind of Tourettes Syndrome' in Constantly Blaming Race

Eric Holder’s suggestion earlier this week that he and President Obama receive more criticism due to their race is just the latest example of the “intellectual poverty” among Democrats, according to George Will. 57 more words


Pacifist Sheep and Wolves

I’ve read some things lately about sheep.  “Sheeple” is a popular term these days among the prepper crowd for the masses of people who don’t seem to want to know whats going on in the world. 618 more words

Courage to walk unarmed

Here is my response to “A Nation of Cowards.”

Courage to Walk Unarmed
The “self-esteem movement” knows nothing about self-esteem.

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George Will: Amend the Constitution to control federal spending

George Will takes a deep dive into the Compact for America balanced-budget proposal which, “would use the Constitution’s Article V to move the nation back toward the limited government the Constitution’s Framers thought their document guaranteed. 141 more words


[VIDEO] The Hammer: 'Culture of Left Only Satisfied in Destroying People Who Oppose Them'

Charles Krauthammer calls for a counter-boycott of Mozilla
“This is the culture of the left not being satisfied with making an argument, or even prevailing in an argument, but in destroying personally and marginalizing people who oppose them…” 408 more words
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