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Supermarket fashion is cooler than you thought

I’ll not take any crap for shopping at supermarket brands. The sick look of horror on someone’s face when they compliment you on your jumper and you seductively whisper to them…”George at Asda” 140 more words


Irish Pub Songs - Token Celtic Drinking Song (JIMMY GEORGE BAND) HD

Great Song !!! I Need BEEERRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!
by Internet Archive Book Images


I’m putting the final touches on my anthology. The other day I got this dynamic Foreword from my friend Steven Thomas, so in advance of the book’s release here in a few days, I decided to post his Foreword here. 343 more words

In jmeter is it possible get the test start time on all remote servers (time should be the same on all servers)?

If I have jmeter running with 4 remote servers (load generators) and 1 local server (controller) is there a way I can pass a timestamp from the local controller to all 4 remote servers? 76 more words


What It Takes To Make George Into A Food Truck.

I am not sure where I get the strength some days to battle the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.

All I know is I that have a dream and that I want to live it. 249 more words



Did Seinfeld get you in the mood yesterday? Well even if not, here’s some more. Taken from the Los Angeles Times website, here are 9 1/2 facts about Festivus; 714 more words