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Why I Love... #67: Judex

Year: 1963

Director: Georges Franju

Stars: Channing Pollock (Judex / Vallieres), Francine Bergé (Diana Monti / Marie Verdier), Edith Scob (Jacqueline Favraux), Théo Sarapo (Morales), Michel Vitold (Favraux). 1,152 more words

Why I Love...

The Criterion Memorandum.

Welcome to this month’s Criterion Memorandum. Join us, as we take a look at the latest announcements from the esteemed US boutique home video label. 


For once, I liked the doll

In the movie Eyes Without a Face, the audience is treated to an odd outlook on beauty and image. The story revolves around Christiane, either as motivation for others action or from her perspective. 326 more words

Psychological Horror

Eyes Without a Face

In the film we watched, Eyes Without a Face, there are several details that are really fascinating and worth note. In Clover’s introduction she talks a lot about “identification” (5), which can easily be seen through the eyes of Christine. 225 more words

Psychological Horror

The "Female Victim-Hero" and Franju's Eyes Without a Face

Carol J. Clover, in the introduction to her book Men, Women, and Chainsaws, discusses the representation of the character of Carrie in Brian De Palma’s film as well as in Stephen King’s novel Carrie. 200 more words