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Violet is staying with me on her spring break. Each time my granddaughter visits we always paint together. She had been very annoyed because someone took a painting that she did on a wooden skate board deck out of her art class. 91 more words

Victoria Kloch


Georgia O’Keeffe

Leben und Werk
3. February 2012 – 13. May 2012
Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung

前些日子與一位「人間相間是何年」的高中同窗終於在慕尼黑聚首,她風塵僕僕從美東飛到柏林、再趕火車來跟我吃新疆菜,我心底自是萬分的感激。我倆在高中同班兩年,各隸屬不同團體,平常幾乎沒有往來;偶爾會傳傳唐詩宋詞組成的花間紙條,或是突然嘆一句「噯,妳真像史湘雲」── 總之是很神交的情分。都快十年沒見這才問起妳為什麼去美東、妳又怎麼來了德國?



總之這段小插曲讓我回想起2012年在 Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung 看過的展,今天正好見畫冊只要十歐,乾脆買下,也把當時筆記翻出來回味、整理分享。有趣的是,事隔兩年,喜歡的作品也與當初不同了。歐姬芙的畫大部分都被保存在美國,歐陸幾不可見;2012時是第一次的歐洲巡迴大展,主要75幅畫與50張與相關照片由聖大菲的歐姬芙美術館 (Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe) 借出,巡迴羅馬、慕尼黑與赫爾辛基。 181 more words



Georgia O’Keeffe Peach and Glass 1927

Dear Georgia,

Today I bit into a peach that was not entirely ripe and I remembered how my father told me to harvest the peaches before the frost (or was it wind) one of the times I visited him in his last year. 119 more words


Get busy living or get busy dying

Timing is inherently perfect.  Sometimes it feels like a blessing, but every so often, it feels like a curse. 

I find comfort in realizing how much is out of my control and that everything is in the hands of the Creator. 147 more words


Georgia O'Keeffe

Last weekend I went to Santa Fe to kick around and dig on the scene. I happened to be there on the first Friday of the month which is Free Friday at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum! 415 more words


a sky Georgia O’Keeffe
would paint

Haiku Prayers – Poetry And Other Art


Ellen Grace Olinger