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Ship of Myself

What do Buddhism and open relationships have in common?

Ah, but that’s too easy…

If loving open is a practice in non-attachment, what part of love do I get to keep? 424 more words


Painting Lake George

In a Georgia state of mind, enjoying the lake and the wonderful subject matter! This is a watercolor from yesterday.


Climbed a nice hill overlooking the lake and found this wonderful view that reminds me of a place in Italy on lake Garda, called Malcesine.



Georgia O’Keeffe Series 1-No 1, 1918 Amon Carter Museum

Ever since I started working with you, all words seem like too much. I want to pare back until I find the essence. 36 more words


--- will affect me like music

“Tell me what you think Art is” — Image by kenne

Tell me what you think Art is — of you can

— ask a lot of people — and see if anybody knows . 78 more words


From photography to drawing

I have taken some respectable photographs over the years, I have immersed myself in the scene and made a conscious effort to explore and experiment. I take fewer shots to get what I want and my equipment is as basic as it has ever been – film now with one filter. 230 more words


Teaching on the Edge

(This is a highly abbreviated edition of a previously published page)

Once you start looking, the heartfelt criticisms of modern education are stunning. In a delightful letter written to Paul Strand from Texas in 1917, Georgia O’Keeffe told of an exhilarating risk she took in her search for authentic education: “I’ve talked in Faculty Meeting,” she wrote, “a rearing, snorting time – it was amazing to me – I just knocked everybody’s head against the wall and made hash – and told them what I thought of school teachers and their darned courses of study and raised a time generally — it was an event … I talked for conservation of thought- in the child and the student- education for the livingness of life rather than to get a certificate- That teachers are not living – they are primarily teachers … Art never seemed so worthwhile to me before” (Cowart & Hamilton, 1987, P. 2,069 more words