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Four Grades of Language Borrowing

Since the nineteenth century, the Georgian language has been significantly influenced by Russian. More recently, Georgian has begun to import words from English. Consequently, some Georgians are concerned about the… 1,273 more words


Reading in Georgian : The Fox and The Crow მელა და ყვავი

My reading in Georgian is still at the first level, here another children’s story with a moral.

The fox is walking in the wood, when he spies a crow in a tree with a piece of cheese. 211 more words

Georgian Language

Tbiliso / Chemi Tbilisi

“Tbiliso” is my favorite Georgian song. It’s also known as “Chemi Tbilisi” or “Igvidzebs Chemi Tbilisi”, which means “My Tbilisi Wakes Up”. The music was written by… 306 more words

Old Georgian phrases and sentences 25

Lexica are only as strong as the properly analyzed corpus on which they are based, and the best lexica give examples for lemmata and sublemmata. One advantage among many of electronic lexica is the possibility of pointing to an almost unlimited number of examples from the corpus to illustrate the meaning in question. 291 more words


Some problems using the Georgian Language

I find when I go to the market and attempt to speak in Georgian, my interlocutors reply in Russian :(


Me: რა ღირს?                      (How much? 59 more words

Georgian Language

Georgian Lesson 2

Four and a half years I have lived in Georgia. Georgian is very different from the European languages I know (French, Spanish, German or English).  I lived in France for six years and after two years I was reasonably fluent in the language. 456 more words

Georgian Language

About Sights - Deda Ena

April 14 is the Day of the Mother Tongue – Georgian language – in Georgia. On 14 April 1978 the Georgian people protested against the decision of the central soviet authorities to revoke the status of Georgian (as one of the minor languages in the Soviet Union) as a state language and replace it with Russian. 109 more words