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According to April L. Tanner, researcher and writer of the¬†International Journal of Multidisciplinary in Cryptology and Information Security, Geographic metadata, otherwise known as Geotagging, “can be used by criminals in their unlawful endeavors.” Geotagging is extremely dangerous to the hundreds of thousands of people that upload their photos to social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and any other site that allows users to post private photos to the web. 181 more words

The Dangers to Teens

With just about every kid growing up online in this day and age, this presents new risks to teens that have not arose before all the technological advances.   432 more words


Mastercard to Secure Mobile Payments with Geotagging

MasterCard, Syniverse To Secure Mobile Payments Abroad By Barry Levine, Newsfactor Business Report, February 25, 2014

Geotagging is a key aspect of the new, pay-when-you’re-abroad service planned by MasterCard and Syniverse, allowing mobile users to be authorized when they’re in a new country, as well as enabling appropriate data plans and marketing services.

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Privacy And Security

#66 - Livingston County, IL

What a pretty courthouse! Blue skies – constrasting architecture – a “selfie” image that doesn’t look like a “selfie” at first glance… could there be anything wrong with this image? 359 more words

County Collecting

How Geotagging Can Undermine Your Home Security

As history has consistently proven, advancing technology is not without its drawbacks. The proliferation of smartphones has made it easier than ever to take photos and videos and share them with the world at a moment’s notice, but the photo itself may not be all that you’re sharing. 39 more words

Social Media and Kids

B once asked me why my friends called him B. How do you explain to a five year old the security measures a mother takes in the social media world to protect her child(ren). 488 more words

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