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Instagram's latest update has disabled location data [UPDATED]

Newer always seems better, doesn’t it?

I definitely thought so when I downloaded iOS 8. I was so excited for the bunch of new messaging upgrades… 259 more words


Drug Dealing on Instagram

Loved reading about this..I mean really? how dumb must you be…

Drug dealing on Instagram (old news, but increasingly more prevalent) because while the cops are getting more tech savvy, typically so are the drug dealers… 454 more words

Geotagging Could Help Poachers! Please Read This.

I’ve never been on safari myself, nor lucky enough to visit a country where you could do so. But I know a lot of people have, or will some time in the future. 87 more words

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The joy (and pain) of metadata.

Metadata is a word that is heard often in computer circles, but most people, even some very tech savvy people, only have a fuzzy idea of what it means.   463 more words

Digital Photography

Leaving Behind a Virtual Footprint

I went back and had a look at last week’s readings on mobile technology, especially the one by Hjorth and Pink (2014); it spends some time looking delving into GPS and location services on mobile phones. 155 more words

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ISIS Selfies Demonstrate the Connection Between Social Media and Business Situational Awareness

What is Situational Awareness?

A Navy SEAL describes situational awareness in this way: “[i]n military-speak, situational awareness is defined as the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regard to a mission. 674 more words

Social Media Law

North America and Europe are still writing history—now through Wikipedia

Wikipedia is often seen as a great equalizer. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people collaborate on a seemingly endless range of topics by writing, editing and discussing articles, and uploading images and video content. 696 more words