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Mongolia, October 2014

Today we are leaving Ulaan Baatar to go out into the countryside, which will be a relief for us all.

Traffic here is oppressive and appalling. 2,105 more words


A visit from the Vet, and other stories.

Our last day around Lake Khovsgol was also our last day on the official part of our tour and our last day on the road would entail driving South and all the while Otgo would be trying to ‘find’ us a family. 2,094 more words

School Days: Milk Tea and Morin Khuur

Currently, I’m sitting on our divan wearing flannel jammies and sipping instant milk tea–I’m not brave enough to try making it on my own yet. We are wrapping up our sixth week of teaching, and things are chugging along well. 833 more words

Personal Updates

R' Yaakov Emden on Yeshua

R’ Yaakov Emden, known as the Ya’avetz, wrote in Seder Olam Vezuta,

“It is therefore a habitual saying of mine (not as a hypocritical flatterer, God forbid, for I am of the faithful believers of Israel, and I know well that the remnant of Israel will not speak falsehood, nor will their mouths contain a deceitful tongue) that… 115 more words


Get MagicalRecord NSManagedContext for use in background threads

I’m using MagicalRecord 2.2 and trying to run my fetch queries on a background thread by default but it seems that the documentation is outdates. Specifically it says: 93 more words


MONGOLIA – The Orkhon Valley to Karakhorum

When you leave Ulanbattor (UB) you leave urban Mongolia behind. Besides a couple of mining towns with 75,000 inhabitants the big cities outside UB are the provincial or aimag capitals, with 25,000 people, generally less. 1,936 more words

Round The World Travel

validateForInsert fails when I set relationship between two valid objects

I have two models:


User has two attributes:


Company has one attribute:


There is a one to many between User and Company (ie. 194 more words