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Gerald; A Tale of Compulsions & Revenge...

So me and Jake Smithies have been scribbling away again and I am proud to present our second book, Gerald; A Tale of Compulsions & Revenge… 30 more words

New Tires Made of Oil from Orange Peels

Of course Japan would come up with this one….tire manufacturer Yokohama is now selling a tire model made with 80 percent non-petroleum material, substituting orange oil as the primary ingredient to make vulcanized rubber. 247 more words

Stress Relief? Try Tickle Therapy.

I appears laughter is strong medicine. Really.

Did you know that when you laugh, you not only exercise almost all of the 53 facial muscles; you also spark a series of chemical reactions within the body? 265 more words

A. S. King cuenta de dónde surgió la idea para escribir 'Reality Boy'

En 2004, luego de pasarse una década criando pollos y enseñando a leer a los adultos de una lejana comunidad rural de Irlanda, A. S. 330 more words


Maybe Gerald Meyer Should Lay Low For Awhile

PicnicAn Iowa City man was arrested at a park Sunday after passersby noticed him lying naked on a picnic table and masturbating. Confronted by witnesses, Gerald C. 218 more words

It's an amalgamation, bitch!

Aynsleigh: I love rabies!

I have been a bit remiss and didn’t blog yesterday despite having a YOLO rehearsal with Aynsleigh, Tolly and Luke. I was too distracted by Argentina beating The Netherlands in the World Cup (there go my sweepstake dreams!) but today we had a last minute rehearsal to make up for a few that had been missed throughout the fortnight. 72 more words