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Geraldo Rivera's plan to end 'urban police shootings.' (HINT: He wants to get rid of 'tanks')

Geraldo Rivera has a plan to end “urban police shootings” which he has given the catchy title of “Tasers not Tanks”:

Solving the Brown dilemma: Distribute Tasers, not Tanks to all urban cops via federal grants.

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How not to handle trolls: The Geraldo Rivera edition

News anchor and former talk show host Geraldo Rivera is no stranger to doing stupid things on social media:

He managed to find something new and strange to do, however.   276 more words

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Great Moments with Marion Barry

Two-time mayor and perennial Washington, DC city council member Marion Barry has died. He was 78.

We’ve had fun covering Mayor Barry’s selfless devotion to public service over the years, even up until last summer when he appeared on Geraldo Rivera and denied the… 317 more words


Geraldo Rivera Argues With 'Little Pieces Of Sh*t' On Facebook

Forget Ben Affleck’s riff with Bill Maher on Real Time. Geraldo Rivera’s support for President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration not only turned his colleages’ heads at Fox News, but it also riled up everyone’s favorite constituency: fap-happy internet trolls. 171 more words

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'Hack.' Geraldo Rivera: The GOP blames immigrants for 'Ebola, ISIS and climate change'

Geraldo Rivera is at it again, this time giving Twitter his theory on why the GOP is opposed to President Obama’s immigration overhaul:

The GOP has zero intent to do anything on immigration except fences &border guards.

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Last night I attended an amazing 50th birthday party for my dear friend TV/Radio journalist and author Rita Cosby who devoted the night to the injured among our armed forces, specifically the group found at: … 201 more words

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Geraldo thinks this 'sensible, competent' pop star could run the nation better than Obama

We’ll just pretend that CNN is airing a one-hour special on the Jonathan Gruber scandal tonight rather than a one-hour CNN Spotlight on Taylor Swift, which promises to answer such questions as, “What was Swift’s favorite subject in the fifth grade?” 344 more words