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Spanish Intelligence Reveals ISIS Ebola Plot

Isis Wants To Spread Ebola: Security Chief

” The Spanish government is taking seriously discussions in internet chat rooms on how terrorists could use biological weapons including Ebola in its war against the West, a top official said in parliament on Wednesday.

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The Law Of Diminishing Returns

The American education system has been criticized for many shortcomings. None could be any more important that the short shrift of the Law of Diminishing Returns. 560 more words

2008 Election

A Bug's Life (what you can't see CAN hurt you)

I’ll be the first to admit that I love dirt.  I like the smell of freshly plowed fields. I love to play in the mud. I even like mud pie…the ice cream kind :)  What I do not like is dirty teeth. 346 more words

Germ Warfare Plan

Here’s my plan to fight
Ebola and all future

Keep my job at the Theater
where I not only work around a thousand
people and their germs on any given night… 71 more words


RANT: ‘poor mans nuke’ ... ... ebola


Further fun with ebola
Posted on October 12, 2014

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I’m still waiting for some troubled loner to grab a diaper from the Sierra Leone isolation ward, mail it to his sleeper cell in Virginia, and start smearing it all over doorknobs on Capitol Hill. 50 more words