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14th September 1955. Cold War Paranoia.

When it was thought Rockall was sitting on top of natural gas, the Danes, Irish and the Icelanders became very interested as to ownership of the Rock. 494 more words


Revenge Wears Sneakers: "Rage" (1972)

    The most interesting aspect of George C. Scott’s directorial film debut “Rage” is its placidity of tone, especially considering the coiled ferocity of its star and the potentially explosive subject matter. 262 more words


Chandler's Trailers: "Warning Sign" (1985)

     Being a mixture of prior infectious germs on the loose scenarios from “The Satan Bug” to “The Andromeda Strain” to  George C. Scott’s virtually forgotten “Rage” (whose more intimate, low-key exploration of a public crisis is an approach that would certainly have yielded interesting results here) to “The Crazies”, with a bit of “Night of the Living Dead” thrown in for familiarity’s sake, “Warning Sign” is a meant to be a harrowing crisis drama concerning a carelessly released deadly contagion into the atmosphere of biological research lab  which masquerades to the outside world as an agricultural research facility when naturally it is engaged in covert  germ warfare development (according to the movies such facilities are so numerous they outnumber McDonalds). 118 more words