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The Wooden Leg

100 years ago today Russia declared war on Germany and the fatal circus that had already begun between Austria and Serbia began its rise to global dimensions. 138 more words


Adventures in the Berlin Archives

As historians, we often work with primary sources – documents about a place or records of a person’s existence. Paging through issues of a journal from a hundred years ago can feel like traveling through time, and reading personal letters now held in an archive offers not only remarkable insights but also feelings of intimacy and privilege. 803 more words


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Archives are a critical part of any historian's life. Rachel Epp Buller describes her experiences in archives and libraries in and around Berlin. Buller was researching two married artists, Alice Lex-Nerlinger and Oskar Nerlinger, who were members of the Association of Revolutionary Visual Artists of Germany. Both Lex and Nerlinger were communists, but were dogged with claims that they collaborated with the NAZIs. Buller writes about finding documents that failed to establish that they collaborators, but were still rather shocking and wrecked any "idealized" notion of the couple. [caption id="attachment_1918" align="alignnone" width="182"]Naherin by Alex Lex-Nerlinger housed by the Chicago Institute of Art Naherin by Alex Lex-Nerlinger housed by the Chicago Institute of Art[/caption]

On this day: Emilie of Saxony was born in 1516

Emilie of Saxony was born on the 27th of July, 1516. As a teenager she was married off to Margrave George the Pious of Brandenburg-Ansbach. Her husband – more than three decades her senior – had had two wives before her. 20 more words


100 Years Later - And Still No Wiser?

The past few months have been full of reminders of the events in the summer of 1914 that drove Europe to the most destructive war ever seen by man to that date. 415 more words

Fiction And Other Truths

Schrebergärten: The Little Shangri-La in the City

A Few Years Back:

I was traveling from downtown Berlin to the Wannsee with a group of teachers from Washington State.  I was enjoying the views of city life from high above on the rails. 525 more words

Living And Working In Germany

The Forbidden Journey: How Two East Germans Fled to China to Go West

I found this article about a year ago for the first time and since I think that this story as a damn awesome one, I wanted to dig it out again and share it with a bigger audience. 102 more words

The Berlinish Journal

Germany vs. the USA: Flag Waving and Patriotism

All across Germany the Schwartz, Rot, and Gold waves proudly. Apartment balconies are dripping with flags. Cars are gift wrapped in mini-flags, magnets, and mirror socks. 626 more words

Living And Working In Germany