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Some moments from Sister Franziska´s Life. Part 6.

It was 1977 and I was then forty five.

It was for me and many others still that time of hope after the Second Vatican Council when Pope John the 23rd had wanted to throw open the windows of the Church and let the light of new thinking flood in. 1,796 more words

Anthony Kauders discusses the reception of 'Der Freud Komplex'

Usually it is literary theorists who concern themselves with the reception of texts: how they are constructed, reconstructed and deconstructed, how there is no stable meaning, how readers ignore, question, and undermine the author’s intentions (whatever these may be). 240 more words

Some Moments from Sister Franziska´s Life. Part 5.

Sister Franziska, ex right. at a Fasching Party in the DDR in the late 1960s.

It’s the 24 June, 1964. Sister Franziska is now thirty two. 1,966 more words

Extreme Weather in Germany

From the London Papers 1767

“Frankfurt Jan 24 We hear from the country of Eichsfield, that the wells are either frozen or dried up.; that the mills have stopped working for 3 weeks; and that they have no bread but what is made of rye or barley. 68 more words

Real Life

Film: A Woman in Berlin

This film, A Woman in Berlin, is a German movie set in WWII era Berlin. It’s a true story, based on a memoir of an anonymous woman who first published it in the United States in 1954 and then later, in 1959, Germany.   347 more words

World War Two

Einige Momente vom Leben Schwester Franziska. Teil 4.

Frances. zweite von links, und Freundinnen.

Es ist das Ende der Fünfziger Jahre. Frances ist sechsundzwanzig.

Vielleicht sollte sie doch heiraten? Wäre das eine Lösung? Hätte sie dann eine gute Zukunft? 1,168 more words

Some Moments from Sister Franziska`s Life. Part 4.

Frances, second left and friends.

Its the end of the 1950s.

Perhaps she should get married? Maybe that would be a solution? Maybe that could be her future? 1,680 more words