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April 14th 1759: Handel dies


On this day in 1759, the German composer George Frederic Handel died aged 74. Famous for his Baroque pieces, Handel was born in Germany in 1685 but moved to Britain later in life. 110 more words


Auschwitz—A Pilgrimage. Part I: The Question That Drives Me

Warning: Due to the subject matter, some descriptions in this post are graphic and may be unsuitable for certain readers.

I have been a student of the Holocaust almost all my life. 2,622 more words

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The coffee connection

During spring cleaning this week, I considered throwing out a pair of dark brown suede gloves, my longtime favorites. I’ve had them for more than a decade and they are worn but the thought of tossing them passed and I decided to keep them after all. 816 more words

Weimar's investigative journalism: Maria Leitner

Maria Leitner was a female investigative journalist working for some of the biggest newspapers and magazines of the Weimar Republic. Her reportages mostly describe the life of women in the new German democracy, from sales assistants to show dancers. 29 more words

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Limited Friendship: Germany and Turkey, 1918-33

Sabine Mangold-Will’s study of the relationship of the Weimar Republic and Turkey describes the construction of a myth of a friendship and cultural connection that was used by both countries in the push for a revision of the Versailles Treaty and the fight against a perceived unrestricted modernization in general.

–> Review (in German)

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Wilhelmine Reichard

In this segment, we look back at the lives of famous, yet relatively unknown people who were born on today’s date.


Wars waged on maps

Spiegel Online has an interesting article today (in German) discussing the geo-political aspect of maps in school textbooks. Besides obvious examples of the disputed territorial boundaries of Ukraine and Kashmir, there is a great… 33 more words

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