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German Literature Month - Book Review - Flight Without End by Joseph Roth

So, this week is like Lake Constance out here, in these parts of the blogosphere. Like Lake Constance brings together three countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland – through its shores, this week brings together… 1,277 more words

Book Review

Grand Hotel - Vicki Baum

Translated by Basil Creighton (1930)

When Caroline reviewed Vicki Baum’s most famous novel during the inaugural German Literature Month, I decided I’d like to read it too. 690 more words


After Midnight by Irmgard Keun

After Midnight is part of the Exilliteratur, literature created by (German) writers living in exile between 1933 and 1945. Irmgard Keun left Germany in 1935 after she was blacklisted by the Nazis. 434 more words


German Literature Month: A Multi-Layered Tale

The Quest for Christa T. by Christa Wolf

Alas, I haven’t managed to read as many books as I wished for German Reading Month, thanks to coming down with the dreaded lurgy (i.e. 1,263 more words

Rilke in English translation

I had intended to write this post as a translation duel but decided I would have to quote full poems and their translations to do it properly. 670 more words


German Literature Month - Book Review - Three Paths to the Lake by Ingeborg Bachmann (Part 2)

Three Paths to the Lake’ by Ingeborg Bachmann has four short stories and a novella (the title story). I reviewed the novella here. I finally finished reading the four short stories. 929 more words

Book Review


Early in Clemens J Setz’s novel Indigo there is a discussion of the uncanny valley – the theory that as simulations (for example, robots or animations) approach human likeness, they cause revulsion in the final moments before reaching complete realism (the valley refers to the dip in the graph that records how comfortable people feel): 728 more words

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