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Germany: Red-red-green government in Thuringia

Germany: Red-red-green government in Thuringia.

By Victor Grossman

December 7, 2014 — MRZine, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — Political parties in Germany are represented by colours: the Christian-Democrats (CDU), due to clerical ties, are black, the Greens of course are green, the Social Democrats (SPD) are traditionally red.

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Bodo Ramelow's government in Thuringia: A step in to the unknown for Germany?

Bodo Ramelow took over the regional government in Thuringia. As he is a politicoan form teh post-communist the Left Party how significant or insignificant is this for the future of German politics, and why? 1,335 more words


The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel

A summer afternoon at the Reichstag. Soft Berlin light filters down through the great glass dome, past tourists ascending the spiral ramp, and into the main hall of parliament. 141 more words

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A German Response to the U.S. Mid-Terms

An unnamed commentator in Die Zeit on November 5:

The election result shows that in the USA, democracy is functioning properly and that a president always has to be aware that voters may punish him. 94 more words