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Why Everybody Can, and Should, Learn a New Language

There are few excuses for not being able to learn a new language.

With the Internet being as accessible as it is to many, there are countless ways to learn almost any language.   328 more words


A dark sun's path, 1

I’ve made many stupid mistakes in my life, but among them only a few sins.

Most people think about sex when they hear the word “sin”. 413 more words


German beer song

Another drinking song from German.
by Internet Archive Book Images

My Adventure With Jonas Barg-C

I scarcely dared to breathe, because I felt Jonas Barg next to me, and just then, as Dittrich crouched down for a short rest in the middle of the rope, he said into my ear: 2,140 more words


The Iron Curtain Kid

Oliver Fritz grew up in Communist East Germany, the DDR.  His book about his life is an enjoyable read because he comments on the everyday.  His childhood, teenage years and early manhood were all spent in a regime which he writes about in an amused and often affectionate way.  289 more words



I used to love this poem so much that I’d read it every week — one of my little rituals to survive the war. Of course, my English pronunciation must have been atrocious; I remember not understanding the words “cleave” and “anvil”, but I somehow learned them, without a dictionary or a teacher. 112 more words


We forget the other side had families too

One of the eight German war graves in Scampton, Lincolnshire these men died in                 action in World War 2