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Little Women

The library in my home town was small. Nothing else could be expected in such a place. There was a relatively vibrant intellectual culture, including publishing. 757 more words


The Wicked Nun-A

The Wicked Nun

By Karl Hans Strobl

Translation by Joe Bandel

One night I suddenly awoke out of a deep sleep. My first thought was a certain surprise that I had woken up at all; because I had spent the entire day in the ruins of the old Jesuit barracks and was very tired. 2,019 more words


52: VW In The Future: Redefining Volkswagen

It is the year 2064, and as you know, Volkswagen is one of the only car manufacturers left that is expected to survive into the 22nd century. 326 more words

Jesus is Coming Again Real Soon.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Ferguson, Iraq, ISIL, Fukushima, dead fish, dead birds, dead trees, Ebola, 9.0 Earthquakes, record drought, record heat, record snowfall, civil unrest, record opium harvest, North Korea, Strait of Hormuz, Boko Haram, Pedophiles in the UK, Putin, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Psalm 83, collapse of the metro dollar, sex scandals, common core, Agenda 21, Heroin, Southern border, Amnesty, Israel, Iranian nukes, Antisemitism, end times, jihad, zombie apocalypse, beheadings, sex salves, MK Ultra, black awakening, Chosen ones, UFO, supernatural, aliens, Nephilim, giants, cover ups, Benghazi, fast and furious, hybrid beings, the days of Noah, ring of fire, volcano activity, radiation, days of chaos, last days, dirty nukes, JFK Conspiracy, abortion holocaust, Marian apparitions, messengers of deception, food shortages, and on it goes. 257 more words

L. A. Marzulli

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The Remake

For my remake I decided to redo space and place. Instead of focusing the people and their emotions though lighting I decided to focus on the emotions of the Christmas season as the photo was taken on Christmas day and this was an important part of it to me. 25 more words


“THE MONUMENTS MEN” (2014) von George Clooney and Stupid German Money

Der deutsche Titel “Monuments Men – Ungewöhnliche Helden” zeigt einen äußert gewöhnlichen Film. George Clooney erzählt in seinem fünften Spielfilm als Regisseur mit rein klassischem Handwerk – leider etwas zu klassisch im Hintergrund der Geschichte: typisch böse deutsche “Heil Hitler”-Nazis (hervorragend wie immer: Justus von Dohnányi), typisch tapfere kluge, freundliche und witzige Amerikaner, pompöse Musik, hymnisch wiederholend zu den prangenden USA-Flaggen. 252 more words

Film Critics

My troubles and that

I feel like the sound of Christmas bells and the pouring of mulled wine has finally woken up from this hideous homesickness coma I’ve been trapped in lately. 514 more words