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Streets of Berlin: Kreuzberg District

Today’s findings from the streets of Berlin in the district of Kreuzberg. In search for things to take pictures of, I remembered some street art works that I spotted during my first visit last winter. 130 more words

The Berlinish Journal

"Nano" Propellers Used for Microscopic Medicine

If you thought that the most impressive news in shrinking technology these days was smart watches, think again. Scientists are quietly toiling in their laboratories to create robots that are only nanometers—billionths of a meter—in length, small enough to maneuver inside the human body and possibly inside human cells. 482 more words


Entering into the black forest and trusting the universe

After a crazed, calming, adventurous yet brief trip to the countryside of Austria (experiencing the more social/debaucherous side of their culture) I bid auf wiedersehen to the hills with the sound of music and entered into the black forest of Deutschland to my next farm. 2,169 more words


Berlin People Watch (Part Two)

After the first list, here comes the continuation from the last two weeks.

1. In order to escape subscriptions to some sort of Green Peace stuff, offered to you by charming, young students, have the phrase “I don’t have a German bank account” ready. 243 more words

The Berlinish Journal


Munich is definitely one of the cities I would love to live in. I have only spent a week there and somehow it amazed me. I guess I love tidy and “flat” cities. 28 more words


Stuttgart at Light

This was again taken in Stuttgart in November 2009, though I really don’t know what this place is called. I don’t speak German except “Wie heisst du? 27 more words