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Mario Götze

Mario Götze “World Cup Hero” Wallpaper, you like it?


July 1914

‘An imperial power must do something when the heir to its throne is assassinated.’ (1)

Indeed. The chances of Austria-Hungary letting bygones be bygones in the case of the archduke’s assassination were always going to fall on the side of ‘not happening in a million years’. 2,561 more words

First World War

28/7/1914 The Kaiser is furious with Bethmann Hollweg and the Austrians

When Kaiser Wilhelm learns of Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war, he is furious. He summons Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg to Potsdam and berates him. “You have got me into a right mess,” he apparently says. 101 more words


Navigating the Romantische Straße in Southern Germany

Southern Germany is home to a Bavarian wonderland of medieval towns, castles, and rolling hills one exit off the supersonic Autobahn. Spending a couple days exploring the… 836 more words


The Book Thief

Courage beyond words.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a movie review!  I really want to get back into doing those, but sometimes just keeping up with book reviews is hard enough. 554 more words


Green Machine. a new look at festivals. JWB

Hey there all you TYFO fanatics. Bailey here, I have relocated to Europe. That does not mean I am done writing about SA. I could write forever on it. 390 more words

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