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Poll: Only Germans Think They Are Helping to Fix Global Warming

Germans have a pretty high opinion of themselves when it comes to environmental stewardship, according to a recent TIME poll, but their pride might be a little premature. 336 more words

From the Metal Family in Germany

I don’t think that “Metal” is really their last name, because in their profile they mention their love for heavy metal. Either way, this lovely… 87 more words


Day 13: Writing Day, Admiring the City of Berlin

Today I spent most of my day writing in the café called Milch Halle (“milk hall,” really). I love these days. I am continuously getting the feeling while I’m sitting and writing, not worrying about anything but the next sentence and loving every sip of cappuccino, that I would do this every day of my life if I had the means. 281 more words


George Clooney Flips My Pizza . . . this is not a euphemism

…or maybe it is.

Another reason to LOVE, love, love Germany:  apparently George Clooney has taken a second job spinning pizza pie around here!   You heard it here first! 69 more words


SKYCONQUEROR released their new album “Under the Pentagram”

from the Gourmet inbox:

SKYCONQUEROR is a straightforward Heavy Metal band with an occult fable and NWOBHM’s touches, founded in the surroundings of Münster (North Western Germany) in early 1997! 97 more words