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Tender Buttons, Gertrude Stein

Things I did tonight instead of working on my paper:

1. Painted my nails with a nail polish that makes me want to get in fights ( 175 more words


Barbara Kay: Writers and their strange compulsions

Art and music are practiced by hobbyists or professionals, and are unnecessary skills for others. But we all need minimal writing skills in order to work and socialize. 1,197 more words

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A crime story for Christmas

1, 2, 3, 4, 5        by Rosanna Albertini

Thank you, COREY STEIN

Numbers have such a pretty name … They have something to do with money and with trees and flat lands, not with mountains or lakes, yes with blades of grass, not much a little but not much with flowers, some with birds not much with dogs, quite a bit with oxen and with cows and sheep a little with sheep and so have numbers anything to do with the human mind … They ought to have something to do with the human mind because they are so pretty and they can bring forth tears of pleasure …” (Gertrude Stein) 253 more words

Los Angeles Stories



by Rosanna Albertini

Object is fact not symbol (no ideas). It is, is cause for joy… 596 more words

Los Angeles Stories

De ce sa citesti Sotia din Paris?

Hadley  Richardson & Ernest Hemingway in Elvetia-1922

- pentru a descoperi destinul unui mare scriitor cu frustrari si triumf –E.Hemingay

- sa afli o radiografie profunda si emotionanta a unui cuplu deconcertant  : celebrul, socantul , controversatul Ernest Hemingway si sotia sa cea mai fidela, generoasa si pana la urma, cea mai iubita, Hadley Richardson. 163 more words

T Little Pleasures

It's All Good

A Good Friday. Air softened with a bit of evening overcast. Found my Terry Allen CD of “Lubbock (on Everything)” for my drive to Lubbock tomorrow…it will be the theme of the road and a post or two. 324 more words

The Perpetual Student

17 Must-Read Books*


  ” To write is to write is to write is to write

is to write is to write is to write.”

 She spoke the truth. 447 more words