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4.3 Ideas

  1. Media. (The media is constantly bombarding us with messages on how to think, act, look, etc. Record on a calendar how many advertisements I see or hear a day on a calendar.
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4.3 Initial ideas

  1. Violence. (Collect weapons around the house & document them in a photograph all together. Find items that aren’t necessarily weapons that can be used as weapons and document those also.)
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4.2 Research (Magda Sayeg)

Magda Sayeg (http://knitta.com/about/)

Knitta is a group of artist who began “knit graffiti,” also known as “yarn storming,” and “yarn bombing” in Huston, Texas in 2005. 153 more words

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4.1 Cube

I created my cube without any edges, corners, or a grid. We had to address the volume of the cube, so I made my cube with pin wheel shape.

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3.3 Final Critique

The final installation was very interesting; I loved how different everyone’s pieces were. It was nice to see how many different materials and different techniques everyone used. 67 more words

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3.3 Chance Outcome- In Progress

This is my project in progress, i used fabric, trash bags, crochet doilies and felt.

- Kaiti.

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