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Sync. Every day. For the benefit of yourself and the world. When we Sync, we are aware of the inter-connection among us all. We enter the space where we are vibrating as one – all our differences and diversities make a pattern of the consciousness of the universe. 137 more words

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There is a space between self and other where the boundaries melt. Where being myself means being attuned to others. Where being in sync with those around me means finding my self of worth. 82 more words

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SYNC: Sing Your Natural Cantata

When you wake in the morning, let out a sound, just a ummmmmm. That is your natural note, the sound that defines the essence of you, before you put on your worldly persona. 117 more words

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Create sync ~ not suffering


When thousands fight, untold millions perish When thousands die, untold millions suffer

When thousands sync in harmony and compassion, untold millions benefit

Create Sync ~ not suffering. 128 more words

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Sync Connects

Live in fragments no longer. Only connect…
E. M. Forster

Sync - there is nothing to wait for. Everything you need, is within you.
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Go within and sync

When people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things. Armand Dimele… 17 more words

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