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Getting Myself Together

It’s the business end of the semester now at university, with an assignment due every week until we go on our final prac. I’ve strategically avoided my assignments up until now (it’s not a very good strategy, I don’t recommend it), but sometime over the last week I found myself looking in the mirror and thinking: 301 more words

Things I Cannot Handle Today

1. Worrying about everything being ready for next week: my classroom, the syllabus, the first 3 lessons, my teaching style…

2. The fact that my large dog is getting so clingy that I have to literally sit next to his bowl so he’ll eat. 81 more words

This Is Real Life.


There are far too many ignorant people in their world and until everyone starts researching their own information and reading more, we will believe the things people tell us. 458 more words

Thats How I Feel

To The British Prime Minister

This is my letter to David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party and British Prime Minister. The man has made statements as wonderfully opposite as ‘We’re all in this together.’ and ‘Multiculturalism has failed’. 586 more words

Am I The Only One Capable of Getting Shit Done Around Here?

I swear I’ve been getting better about communicating with my roommate about all the shit she needs to get together.  I’m telling her to wash her fucking dishes.   395 more words


Veronica stays in touch with digital skills

Gwynedd resident Veronica Errington, 82, has been keeping in touch with friends and family with the help of a Communities 2.0 project

Veronica moved to North Wales from the Midlands, with her husband, when they both retired. 321 more words

Digital Lives