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Exercise of The Week: Basic Side Plank

If you are tired of doing sit ups all day long the plank is the way to go. Plank exercises are amongst the “oh, those look easy but they kill” exercise list. 322 more words


It's Monday Time To Get Your Motivation On!

Here is some motivation to help get you pumped up.  Remember 15 minutes a day of exercise is better than no minutes!

Exercise Motivation

Exercising helps Chronic Pain

“I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.” I never exercised before being diagnosed with chronic pain and learning how to manage it naturally. 375 more words


It’s not easy to take time away from college, but you can incorporate travel into your life in many different ways. You can still stay local and get the sense of adventure that comes with traveling. 221 more words

Get Moving

Selling EBooks

Now that you have created your eBook, you’ll need to find a way to get it into people’s hands. Marketing your eBook follows the same lines as marketing your website or blog. 139 more words


Get moving!

Now we have some lighter evenings there is no greater pleasure than getting out and enjoying some fresh air. Being stuck in an office all day, sat down is not good for us. 186 more words

Inspirational Series: Sick & Tired?

Sorry guys that I have been a little behind lately.  Work is kicking my butt, hopefully it will be over soon and I can take some time off for some relaxations.   270 more words

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