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For only the price of a coffee...

I am just so tired of this argument.

These days, everything is Kickstarter or Indigogo, pledge drives or pleas for donations. “Oh, for only the price of a coffee, you could support this, or donate to that!” 257 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

really, windows? 2014, and you do this to me?

the most depressing thing to happen to me today, looked a lot like this:

i was holding my iphone at the time.

the anachronism stayed with me for most of the day. 87 more words


Garden 2014

I haven’t had a post yet about the garden this year, but it’s going as strong as ever. Lots and lots of tomatoes (15 maybe?), as well as kale, swiss chard, strawberries, and two extremely under-performing basil plants. 264 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

I'm Not Old Enough For This

I am a bit freaked out today. Today marks a turning point in my life, and as much as I wished to be ready for it, I don’t think I am. 343 more words


But Wait! There's More!

As most of y’all know, the word “gullible” doesn’t exist in my dictionary. I am prone to be trusting. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s not. 249 more words


Americans don't really like soccer; they like to WIN

I’ve reverted to American terminology for this short post, for if I called it “Why Americans don’t really like football,” it would be confusing and, in the American vernacular, deeply wrong. 642 more words


Saving the Stories-Vintage Bicycle Quarterly

With the passing of On the Wheel, Dirt Rag ruining itself by going from black and white to full color and Velo News going ‘all Lance all the time’ there was nothing bike related worth reading except the occasional Rivendell Reader. 573 more words

Get Off My Lawn