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Pining for the Aughts

I ramble for a while trying to put my finger on exactly what it is that bothers me about the way social media has changed since the late 00’s. 51 more words


Feeling Old

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I could sure as hell waste a day. Whether it was a day of nonstop tv or video games, I could tune out for hours at a time and reluctantly be pulled back to regular life by Monday/school or my mom throwing something at me. 293 more words

Why do people buy water?

While waiting in line at the airport this morning to buy coffee, I noticed that many people were buying plastic bottles of water—at $3-4 per pop (my coffee was $2.50). 622 more words

Memory Lane: 1994

So, SPIN Magazine released its list of the 100 Best Alt-Rock Songs of 1994, and I basically fell down a rabbit hole. This is the soundtrack to my 23rd year. 387 more words

Memory Lane

Synechdoches I hate

“Boots on the ground” is today’s overused phrase.  Why not simply “soldiers”? Or “troops”? This shopworn phrase is even longer than the simpler alternative. It serves only one purpose: to make someone look like they’re either politically or militarily in the know. 75 more words