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Don't Need No Jetpack

One of the films invited to the Sundance film festival this year was shot entirely with an iPhone.

I read an article about it earlier on my iPhone. 37 more words


10 items or less?

Let’s leave aside the quibble that the sign over the grocery-store line for the abstemious shopper should say “10 items or fewer.” (I think Pinker okays the “incorrect” version in… 134 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

highway traffic redirection (article)

gps navigation apps are redirecting traffic onto previously quiet residential streets (article)

The Kenyon Gaming Chronicles: Part I

In an effort to make your down time that much more fun n flirty, Molly Narkis ’17 and I have decided to review every free-to-play game on Steam… 420 more words


I Remember When Thirty Was Old

It was a long night preceded by a long week and my son decided that 6:30 was a good time to wake up and refuse to go back to sleep. 538 more words


RIYL shortcuts

This is an example.

On many days I would call Yo La Tengo my favorite band.

On no days does reading “Recommended if you like Yo La Tengo” interest me. 297 more words

"the Conversation"

Fired Old Man Angry at World, Ranting About Something or Other

Leon Wieseltier, recently run out of The New Republic as a gang of Silicon Valley nitwits took over and tried to fix it, has a piece in… 1,030 more words