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Why do people buy water?

While waiting in line at the airport this morning to buy coffee, I noticed that many people were buying plastic bottles of water—at $3-4 per pop (my coffee was $2.50). 622 more words

Memory Lane: 1994

So, SPIN Magazine released its list of the 100 Best Alt-Rock Songs of 1994, and I basically fell down a rabbit hole. This is the soundtrack to my 23rd year. 387 more words

Memory Lane

Synechdoches I hate

“Boots on the ground” is today’s overused phrase.  Why not simply “soldiers”? Or “troops”? This shopworn phrase is even longer than the simpler alternative. It serves only one purpose: to make someone look like they’re either politically or militarily in the know. 75 more words


When Did Letting Your Child "Go Out And Play" Become Felony Child Neglect?

Something is definitely wrong.  No, I am not talking about the political environment either.  We have begun to see more and more mothers being arrested simply because they have allowed their children a little independence.  991 more words


The Perils of "Instant" Communication

The Atlantic has a short piece about people’s horrified response to the demonic speed of the….telegraph. Classic “Get off my lawn” response to technological innovation. From the New York Times, 1858… 149 more words

For only the price of a coffee...

I am just so tired of this argument.

These days, everything is Kickstarter or Indigogo, pledge drives or pleas for donations. “Oh, for only the price of a coffee, you could support this, or donate to that!” 257 more words

Get Off My Lawn!