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Another messed-up sign

Okay, this sign, which appeared in the elevator of my building, is messed up. How many errors can you find? There’s one big one that is common and always peeves me. 31 more words


We have all failed Bruce Lisman

Our favorite Wall Street panjandrum turned everyman policy expert knows what the 2014 election was all about: it was about our collective failure to heed the wisdom of Bruce Lisman. 561 more words

2014 Election

Curmudgeon--October '14

Old habits die hard, but anything will die if you shoot it (or stab it, or beat it, hold it under water, etc…) enough. Friends long unseen remind you why it’s been so long since you’ve seen them. 48 more words

Daily Prompt

The emotional stages experienced by victims of yard rolling

My husband is a football coach, and a well-loved football coach at that. He loves those boys as much – maybe more – than they love him. 1,479 more words

Get Off My Lawn

Preview, Get Off My Lawn

I’m trying out some new video editing software, and I like it so far.

This is my preview of the upcoming Kickstarter game Get Off My Lawn.


U.F.O. = Unexpected Flying Ordure

During the seven years that I have been in a relationship with my dog, she has been nothing but loving, giving and very intuitive of my desire to not scoop the poop.   278 more words