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Get Out: Yoga on the Water

Yoga is the practice of spiritual, mental and physical awareness on the body and opening up the chakras – energy centers –  for relaxation and transformation. 1,692 more words

Get Out: Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Ritual, romance, expression, healing, entertainment. Dance has no known beginning and will likely see no end. While it’s incorporated into culture and styles, dance is universal as well as personal. 962 more words

Get Out

Paris, je t'aime

Paris-Summer 2012
Ahh, my first time to France. I’d already been to Europe before, but never France. I was like a child at Christmas. I’d been wanting to go since I first started studying its alluring language in 2005. 46 more words


Car + Motorcycle + Electricity + Ingenuity = Magic

We’re always on the lookout for people and organizations that are finding ingenious ways to drive positive change. So, recently we had the opportunity to visit a cool little technology start-up in San Francisco. 428 more words


Get Out: She's Gone Country

If you’re new to my blog, “Hey!” I started the year blogging about “getting real” about our lives as I worked to transform the Big Six: body, mind, spirit, work, home, relationships. 770 more words

Get Out