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Which is worse? Homeless people or Gasland Frackers?

I would go with the homeless people myself. They, or we, don’t create earthquakes, polluted water, polluted air, blow up entire cities with tanker truck accidents, blow spending money on hookers, or create a worse environment for future generations. 127 more words

NETWORKING : What to look out for. Don't be fooled!

The Pyramids. One of the Wonders of the World. Majestic and Mysterious. Holds riches fit for pharaohs. It’s sad how it is now being associated with scams. 564 more words


You're Doing It All Wrong (The Truth About Financial Freedom)

You don’t need to earn a lot of money to achieve financial freedom quickly. You just need to follow two simple rules:

  1. Live within your means (and)
  2. 129 more words
Financial Freedom


Range Rover


Mercedes G-Wagon


BETRICH Get Rich™! SPOT THE BOL™ competition #6 from The New Bank of X™! #newbankofx #spotthebol #BetRichGetRich

The internationally-renowned artist Richard Bolam has been photo-retouched out of this historic photograph. The New Bank of X™, in collaboration with BETRICH Get Rich™personal wealth advisers… 126 more words

Getting Rich Quick, Maybe Not so..

Most people if not everyone would love to get rich quick and begin to enjoy doing whatever it is they want or like to do. Right? 623 more words