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The Kardashians of the App world

It is easy to get rich quick. If you wanted to get rich in the olden days then you knew that you had to put in hours of hard work and work your way up the chain of command. 885 more words


Have an abundant and relaxing weekend.

Mountains can be removed by thought-by desire. (What you think about, you bring about.) I will go one step further to say that you must do things in a certain way. 164 more words

New Fast Cash Code - Review of New Fast Cash Code by Ryan K and Rach X

New Fast Cash Code by Ryan K and Rach X begins April 14th 2014. It is asking you $30 to $50 off the bat than come the up sells. 213 more words

Not Another One of Those MLM Programs

Tired of scams & empty guarantees?
Trying to set up an online business?

This is not a “hard sell” and you can easily make 100-200 a day! 131 more words

Full Money System by Jimmy Kim and Dan Craig

Hey this is B J. Im doing an honest critique of the program Full Money System by Jimmy Kim and Dan Craig. I had my hopes up high in the sky for this program that would help me earn lots of money but those hopes soon came crashing down! 236 more words

Why most people never get rich

The idea of getting rich always seems to have some kind of magical connotation to it. It seems to most people who are not wealthy like an insurmountable task. 311 more words