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5 Things You Need "Online" Before You Call an Agent - Part 1

Your band or live entertainment act needs distribution. A booking agent can help with that, and while you obviously need to be good enough, smart enough, and tough enough to succeed in the music / entertainment business, you likely will not go far unless your online presence meets some basic expectations from your fans, followers and potential buyers. 331 more words

The Good News

When I was young, my mother told me I’d gotten a phone call. I was whining about what terrible news it was certain to be, and she said, “How can it be good news if you don’t leave room for it to be good?” … 295 more words

My Writing Experience

A Modern-Day Literary Salon

Susan Cushman, who has an amazing blog at Pen & Palette, hosted a wonderful literary salon at her house on Saturday. Neil White of… 453 more words

Gaining Perspective

Make YOUR Writing Stronger with #PitchWars

Hi, Paul, and thanks for having me on your blog!

Writing started as my therapy outlet, but passion took over. Before last summer finished, I had cranked out a rough draft for my first novel, a middle grade fantasy. 1,023 more words

Paul Jenny

The Reality of Writing a Novel... and The Truth Returns

Once upon a time… Thus begins many a fairy tale. In my own convoluted history, I have started and not finished countless stories (and I’m just talking about the ones I’ve undertaken to write myself, not the books written by others that I never read to the end). 1,074 more words