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Doing it for myself

I’m an only child, so reaching out to others isn’t  in my nature. Being self-sufficient comes with the territory; at least until doubt tiptoes into my psyche, which it does more often than is good for me. 772 more words


The art of getting by

British poet Samuel Butler said, “Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.” I completely and utterly agree with that statement. 1,352 more words

Getting By, getting published and getting to ‘that London’

Writer, academic and guest blogger Lisa Mckenzie provides a personal and powerful insight into what it means to see her book Getting By published this week. 1,117 more words

Social Policy

What is it about January ?

I don’t get it. I don’t even make resolution in January because my new year often kicks in weeks after the change of date.

What is it about January that makes me feel like a troubled child …. 58 more words

The Uncomfortable Truth

Big picture vs. Little picture

Since I was diagnosed in April I noticed that the smallest of things overwhelm me. My whole life I have looked at things in the big picture. 261 more words

Story of the Two Tribes

There were these two tribes that inhabited the Andes Mountains. There was a low lander tribe, and there was a tribe that lived up in the high mountains as well. 35 more words


A lull in the festivities

I had a whole mince pie in my hand when I stepped into the porch to look at the sunshine and sparrows fluttering through the hedge.   1,453 more words