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At least it worked for someone

Perhaps it was the sunshine at the start of Summer.  I created a new resilience method for myself; the Ups and Downs strategy and it went really well.. 362 more words


Closet Socialists

It’s odd to me, working for (technically) the fifth largest retailer in the world, yet getting my hours cut back and back week to week, currently at 21. 275 more words


Do you ever wake up and feel.......

Inexplicably sad.  Like you could cry all day for no reason at all. That you have no friends. Wonder why everyone says your so funny, but inside you just feel blue and lost? 523 more words


Well it's been a while

I’ve started a few posts, and haven’t really been able to finish. Just having a break from the business of sorting me out. Meds are evened out, I’m getting ready to start once a week therapy and I’m finishing training for my new position at work. 250 more words


Two sides to every story

I met with Dave the other day.  I’d texted him to see how he was doing, and he’d replied immediately, asking if I wanted to meet for coffee later.   1,145 more words


Good kid, bad parent

We were home alone, me and the Kid.  His Dad was off on a mission on my behalf – to resuscitate my netbook.  We have a friend who does amazing surgery on computers, so He was making the overnight trip to Dr S. 441 more words