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Tell Me I'm Beautiful

You and I

This afternoon we had one of those talks. I teared up not able to tell you at first. You wanted to know what I was thinking; opening up I took a deep breath and said… 277 more words

Burning the Candle at Both Ends...and the Middle

Pater Familias has 18 weeks left in his RN program. After the last 2+ years of this, I am SO READY for him to be just….around more. 400 more words

Squeaking Through the End of the Month Again

Yet I feel profoundly grateful. Only one utility is past due and I’ll be able to pay it in just a few days. Sure, I’d love to be behind on nothing, but being not terribly behind on one thing isn’t too bad. 347 more words


The Case for Voicemail, Mourning "The Fantastic Four" and More #Mustreads

Good morning!

Here’s some of the best stuff on the Web, brought to you by the Re/code team:

  1. Everyone hates voicemail. You can’t just scan for what you need to know, it takes up precious smartphone hard drive space and yet your parents still leave them.
  2. 425 more words

Depression: The dealing and the healing.

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”-Robin Williams

I’ve always been very candid about my bouts with depression, which I believe is something that never really goes away, at least not completely. 2,579 more words


Ocean of Hope

Wrote this like a year ago.

The trees faded into one another as we drove fast past everything. The pink sky was the back canvas to such chaos. 368 more words


Lately I've been forgetting

I’m not prone to hypochondria. I accept my symptoms in a rational way and move on. Admittedly I have also been known to go into acute submissive denial, such as the six months I spent in blissful ignorance of my pregnancy – wild horses and strangers knew I was pregnant before I did.   301 more words