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In short, some of the changes proposed on flexibility and options in the CPF are a mixed bag. CPF Minimum Sum for next year is $161,000 although there would not be further increases in the near future, the PAP government bowing to public pressure and political expediency if the PAP wants to survive the next GE. 849 more words

Getting By

Kindred spirits

When I came out of my yoga class I felt even lighter of spirit than usual.  I was particularly conscious of my shoulders feeling incredibly loose.   634 more words


Gettin' by.

“You’re doin’ what we all doin, baby. You’re gettin’ by.”

Like most single 20-somethings, I’m in a pretty serious relationship with Netflix. Sometimes I pretend I’m watching the “acceptable” things, like documentaries and House of Cards, but if I’m being honest, more often than not I’m cycling through some kind of terrible 90s movie or a show I’ve seen before, most likely multiple times. 859 more words

Life never goes as planned, but maybe that's the plan

As many times as my parents said, “Life will never go as planned,” I never believed them. I always thought if I planned everything out, if I walked the line, and checked all the boxes, that everything would go how I imagined I wanted it to go. 345 more words


"On" Days vs "Off" Days

I tell myself daily that I have come a long way since my stroke almost 2 1/2 years ago.  I also tell myself that it could have been A LOT worse. 55 more words

Just Thinking

Minefield summer

It could be worse.

I have decided to continue blogging nonsense stuff again in my awful English trash talk, about normal nonsense stuff I usually talk about—you know, … 2,319 more words


Where Do I Park?

One thing that absolutely sucks about living in/around a good-sized city is parking. Nashville parking is horrendous. On any given Friday night I could be driving around for an hour trying to find a space close to my destination that won’t cost me more than 15 dollars. 313 more words