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Getting a bit crafty with string eggs

So as it’s nearly Easter I swear that string eggs are everywhere! As they look so cool I thought Little G and I would have a go at making some as the one thing I do have a lot of is spare yarn lying around.   351 more words


$5.00 Raw wood shelf? Yes please.

Do you ever just have epiphanies about the sort of person you’re becoming? Last Saturday I was in Home Depot, and I realized, “Oh my gosh, i’m totally turning into my parents.” Growing up, Saturday projects were their thing, building chicken coops, clearing brush, gardening.   126 more words

Getting Crafty

hanging out. (airplants).

I won’t lie, I’ve had a crush on air plants for quite a while. They don’t need soil, just a 15 minute bath in water once a week. 28 more words

Getting Crafty

How-to Tip: Create your own photo booth

Want to make an event fun and cute? Make you own “photo booth.” Find a solid color sheet (black or white is usually the best) and you can either pin it to a curtain, hang it on a wall, or make your own frame using PVC pipes and then hang the sheet up. 62 more words

Is that what I look like?!

In our world of technology it’s easy to get caught up digitally, but sometimes all you need for fun is a pen and paper. Here’s a quirky little game that you can play with your friends, whatever age you are, and you could even do it alone… 130 more words

Getting Crafty

Foam Photo Board

If you have a large board and want to divide it into two boards you may want to have a yard stick or straight edge and a knife. 347 more words

My Curtain Call

So as mentioned I’ve just moved into a shiny new flat which means lots of things to do! As we’re on the top floor we’ve mostly got skylights but one window in our bedroom had blinds, a curtain rail, but (prepare yourself) NO CURTAINS *gasp*, 566 more words

Getting Crafty