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Does keeping peace in my heart = getting laid

I guess it does. I apologized to him for asking him to die last night. I was ranting and saying I shouldn’t die maybe he should. 68 more words


Another Tinder Success Story

“So, you live in a van.”

“well yeah, sorta.”

“Down by the river?”

Oh the places Tinder takes me…

I met Bradly at Tiger Tiger, a beer tasting and eatery down the way. 702 more words

Overnight visitor tonight? I'm soooo getting laid!!

Living across the country from almost all of our family has it’s perks. Visits take preparation for the visitor, and we have time to get ready for overnight guests. 440 more words


5 Reasons Why Having Low Standards is Good

  1. You get laid easier
    It’s a fact. Most people (just go with it) who moan and bemoan about not getting enough action are the very same people who have great hangups about “friend zones” and “boundaries”.
  2. 377 more words
Mystical Listicles

Top Five: Reasons Why Feet- to- the Street Commuting will Get You Laid.

Lately, I’ve become enamoured with the concept of non-car transportation, and for a while I was unable to pinpoint exactly why.  So in an attempt to concisely articulate my sentiments toward non-car transportation, I developed a Top Five… 205 more words


Raw Vegan Summer in the Mid Atlantic.

Summer is my absolute favourite season! Fish are jumpin’, cotton’s high…. and there are tons of raw vegan opporutnities to sneak in a satisfying summer meal.  125 more words

Raw Foodism.