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Physical Intimacy

Yes, this maybe the usual lament about being single by every lad out there, but hey, each to his own!

Let me make this clear, I am not desperate to have a gf, but it would be nice, I guess. 793 more words

What To Do If The Opposite Sex Doen't Fuck You

If you happen to be on a string of bad luck getting some which happens from time to time to everyone now and then and is all too common in society in my opinion nowadays, go against your instincts to keep being nice to them. 756 more words


For some, it's getting laid...

Some people need to get laid regularly in order to maintain inner balance and calmness. I need the gym.

It’s happened before. I get so busy with life, injured or lose motivation and neglect giving my mind and body what only regular physical activity provides. 270 more words

12 Skills Every Man Should Know

  1. How to fight dirty. Remember the three D’s: dirt in the eyes, dick punches, and deals. Nothing disables an opponent like hurling something in their eyes and delivering a swift blow to the junk.
  2. 1,526 more words

Always Hit on the Hot Girl

Always hit on the hottest girls that you see. The smokin hot ones. The hottest girls have better personalities, and welcome your presence. Don’t hit on the ugly ones. 399 more words