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The Talk

Benoit ~ He was worried about Gideon.
He had come back to the club from where ever he had been and he had recognized the look on his face. 1,510 more words


Title cred goes to Archeology. One of the best texts I’ve received to date. This is bona-fide, pureblood, 100% rant post. Read on for tips on how  297 more words


A Facebook Meme, A Comment-Spree, And My Epitaph: "It All Happened So Fast"

Writing comments to my own posts on Facebook is one of the ways that I stay sane. Thanks for being privy once again to the meanderings of my mind, as I seemingly trace my routes from graduate school, back to junior college, and more, with the point being that once anything seemed to start becoming reality in my life, every event has some sort of event horizon, after which I find myself saying, “It all happened so fast.” 719 more words

Journal Entry

New Dating App Makes You HOT to Trot

Tinder, a new FREE dating application, has gone viral with lots of FREE publicity telling a warm, wonderful story why their system may be the best for lonely singles anywhere. 1,302 more words