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Confessions of a Woman Struggling with Infertility

Infertility Stinks!

We hear of people struggling with infertility all the time. They can’t get pregnant. They’ve tried without success to have a baby. Maybe they just got married and thought pregnancy would naturally happen. 854 more words


Tips For Getting Pregnant Naturally

More men and women are turning to a all-natural method to get pregnant and would like to know what they could do to optimize their chances of obtaining healthier babies. 940 more words


Your Parents Lied About Getting Pregnant

It took a year but eventually we found ourselves on the same page. One night we went out for dinner as a regular married, childless couple and a couple of bottles of wine later, we were officially ‘trying’. 1,576 more words


I Think, Therefore I'm Not

First: I’m sorry for all the grammar/spelling mistakes in the previous post. It was late, and I was tired. No, I’m not going to fix them. 160 more words

Getting Pregnant

Mixing Up The Missionary Position

Everyone who has done any research on the matter of best sexual position for getting pregnant knows that the missionary position is the preferred posture for getting the sperm closest to the cervix.  808 more words


Here We Go

In honor of my baby turning 1 (how do I have a 1-year-old?), I’m re-sharing my first blog post.

I cried when I found out I was pregnant. 468 more words


When Will I Be Pregnant?.....You Ask??

How….very……….rude of you….

That’s I how I feel when I get asked that…almost every day. Because, clearly, I’m not the one who decides….It seems like people should “get” it…but they don’t. 460 more words