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Your journey begins when you first notice those weird, early pregnancy symptoms. From the first pregnancy signs to your due date, Let me tell you every step of the way to help you achieve your healthiest pregnancy.

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Getting Pregnant

The A-Z of The Bridge Clinic: K.I.S.S.

We often see couples who are having difficulty conceiving due to causes that are entirely preventable. Our K.I.S.S. campaign, which we run in collaboration with Lagos State University, educates students about the cause and prevention of infertility so that they can enjoy safe and natural pregnancies when they are ready.

Getting Pregnant

needle phobia part III

It’s day 10 of IVF cycle no.1. At my scan today there were 14 follicles of good size, and good lining thickness, so it’s all happening. 395 more words


TTC: Get Ready for Crazy

Okay. I’ve been looking forward to this one.

My intent to not to put anyone off from the experience, but honestly?
When my husband and I were TTC, I was more insecure, volatile, and out of control than I’ve ever been. 235 more words


needle phobia part II

Day five of my first IVF cycle. Day three of self-injecting. I dreaded the needles. I could have asked my mum or my ex-partner to stay with me to help me with them. 212 more words


Ready, Waiting and Dying to Be Pregnant

Happy New Year to anyone stumbling upon this page. Welcome and apologies for hitting you with the hard stuff on your first visit.

I’m trying (early) to stick to some in-my-head-only New Year’s resolutions, and one includes writing more. 1,255 more words

Living In The South

It's my WordPress anniversary!

Kind of depressing actually. I started this blog to chronicle the big moves I was going to be making the next year and half. I had intended to become pregnant, get a good job (one that I could save lots of money with), and move to a different state by Spring 2015. 547 more words