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Worried your Bio Clock is ticking? Here are your fertility options

I was at a wedding this Saturday where the bride was a lovely 30 year old. It occurred to me that our generation is getting married much later than our parents’ generation did. 245 more words


Ode to the HPT

Good morning, my friend.

Nice to see you again

For another one of our rendezvous.

We’ve gotten close you and I

Over the last few months. 339 more words

Getting Pregnant

Chemical Pregnancy

The sun is shining bright today.

A crisp breeze blows through.

But I can’t enjoy its beauty

Because I can’t escape these blues.

It’s funny how fast things can change… 401 more words

Getting Pregnant

Just one of those days.

Oh brother. Today is the kind of day where I can’t bring myself to do anything, not even get out of bed. It doesn’t help that I’ve had a low grade fever on and off for 3 days and have missed work and just lounged around. 465 more words

Harvesting Haiku

seeds of the future

planted, harvest time coming

waiting cradle

What have you harvested lately?


First Baby To Be Born From A Womb Transplant!

Noooow I’ve heard everything! I wasnt even aware that this was a thing. Transplanting wombs? How does that even work?!

Well a 36 year old Swedish woman who was born without a womb, was donated one by a  61 year old post-menopausal family friend!   89 more words

7dpo and I'm freaking out... again.

I’m worried I might actually have a chance this month! Weird, i know lol. But things are actually going well. I definitely ovulated, I got a donation, I’ve been experiencing mild cramps, and my temps just keep getting higher. 304 more words