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Jumping on the band wagon


In the past few days I’ve read several ttc blogs talking about the benefits of eating pineapple cores. Well the benefits weren’t really discussed, but several women commented on how they will be chomping down on a pineapple core this month, and it pricked my intrigue, so I decided to consult Dr Google.  235 more words

Our Pregnancy Story-The Okolis

A Bridge Clinic couple talks about their struggle and triumph

We got married shortly after crossing the thirty-something age bracket and for the first two years we tried starting a family but after going from one doctor to the other realized we really needed help, this was the beginning of our journey to The Bridge Clinic, Lagos Nigeria.

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Are You Baby Crazy?!

Did you know that they have Pills That can Get You Pregnant?  I didn’t either until i read this post about a pill that helps you have a baby……. 24 more words

Celeb Gossip

Getting pregnant

I’ve always wanted to be a dad, I can’t put my finger on why but It was always on the list of ‘things to do’. I know it should be something you should put more thought into, have a profound reason like passing on all your worldly knowledge to another generation or raising someone who could really make a change in the world, however I’ve never thought like that, I just thought it was something you did. 451 more words

Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 8-9 - What I did Differently to get Pregnant That Month

I decided to combine weeks 8-9 because besides the “I’m tired and hungry all the time” symptoms remained the same! When TTCing I remember always googling things about how to get pregnant faster because I was starting to worry that I had potential fertility issues. 261 more words


the hormone evaluation

Last Friday, I went to the hormone specialist, who works with our doctor (Dr. K). Instead of referring us to a fertility specialist, Dr. K referred us to the urologist and this hormone specialist, respectively. 475 more words