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New Series - Diary of a Breeder

Nathan Hershaw is a man of class with quite the taboo fetish: he loves to breed women. Nothing excites him more than impregnating a woman and over the years he has done so several times at the behest of several beautiful women. 54 more words

Alcohol and Pee Sticks

Oh yes- what a catchy title….

So the other night- we had some wine and were hanging with The Girl. After she left and we were just watching TV I had another glass. 1,102 more words

After a week of taking ovulation prediction tests I can’t help but say that I am a little disappointed. I took the tests for 5 days (cycle days 12-16) and did not ever test positive. 273 more words


I mentioned before that a friend from a forum inspired me to start a blog. I have actually been on baby/conception forums for a while now and there are a lot of abbreviations that the community use. 194 more words

So What's Next?

So honestly? It feels so good to NOT be trying to get pregnant! No stress about it. (A lot of other stress right now- but at least the whole fertility thing is not compounding it.) So we have been trying to decide what is next. 365 more words

My Correlation with Pain and Fertility

Throughout life I have been a pretty optimistic person except when it came to chronic pain. Well, that is not true. In the first few months, possibly years of searching for a cure for chronic pain I was quite optimistic. 843 more words

8 Ways To Tell A Guy That You’re Pregnant (But Are Totally Open To An Abortion)

Few things can undermine your image as a cool, laid-back, no-fuss girl like an unexpected pregnancy with the guy you’re sleeping with (you wouldn’t exactly call him a “boyfriend” because labels are confining and you aren’t into making anyone feel trapped, but like, you really care about each other.) Maybe it’s because you were trying not to be all uptight and annoying about condom use? 714 more words