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I'm Calling Bullshit on the Writer's Journey

People in the writing world say writing and getting published is a journey. And I think you’re supposed to enjoy the ride because people say things like, “Enjoy the writing and don’t focus on publication as the destination.” But I’m calli… 2,122 more words


Perfect Writers Never Get Published

The story is that the pyramids were never really finished until the pharaoh died, and then they had to be finished in a hurry. The difference with a story is that if you die, nobody’s going to finish it for you. 331 more words

Promises Promises

Today’s writing prompt:

Waiting for the tradesman.

You know the one, the one who said he’d be back in a week or so. Two months ago!


Looking for a Critique of Your Query Letter?

A quick post today, for readers who are avidly polishing their query letters, which are a notoriously difficult thing to write. I’ve written several, and although practise does make it slightly easier to sum up your entire book in a few catchy paragraphs, it remains a challenging writing exercise and often involves many re-writes. 210 more words

Getting Published

To boldly go where no crack squirrel has gone before...

Okay… a quick piece of advice… never fart in a space suit…

And speaking of space suits… have you read any of my action/adventure/humor science fiction novels yet? 484 more words


Write a Terrific Novel (NaNo), Minimize Revisions, & Improve Odds of Finishing AND Publishing

We’ve already discussed the importance of  fueling the muse BEFORE NaNo. But, fueling the muse, creativity, talent and all that jazz IS NOT enough. Finishing, while fantastic, is ALSO not enough. 1,478 more words

Kristen Lamb

University ISBNs

Did you know that the University of Northampton is registered as a publisher for the purposes of allocating ISBNs to monographs produced by members of the University? 541 more words